Mega Stars Twitter Their Grammy Experiences & Reactions

Mega Stars Twitter Their Grammy Experiences & Reactions

50 Cent, Soulja Boy, Xzibit and others publicly displayed their thoughts before and after last night’s 51st Grammy Awards via their alleged Twitter accounts.

Aside from his on-going rap battle with Rick Ross, the G-Unit leader showcased his interest in Sunday’s (February 8) annual ceremony.

“Watchin the grammy awards live now,” 50 wrote unmodified, “on” (50’s Twitter)

Solange Knowles also indirectly joked about her brother-in-law Jay-Z‘s Grammy presence.

“Congratulations bro,” Knowles wrote. “Swagger like us won!!! I see it on twitter!!! LOL…I’m not twitting while with my bro! He has a twitter snitch who tells him errrrthang.” (Solange’s Twitter)

Other artists like Xzibit revealed their Grammy dressing attire.

“Getting ready for the Grammys tonight, I hate dressing up,” X wrote unmodified. “No tux, I don’t wanna look like a penguin. I like the Reservoir Dogs look…I’m going to the Interscope party with Ron Fair after the Grammy’s. I think that’s gonna be the best thing going tonight!” (Xzibit’s Twitter)

Teen senation Soulja Boy showed his concern over Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s canceled performances at the event.

“Chris Brown and Rihanna wasn’t at tha grammies.. I hope everything alright,” he wrote. “Umma be so fresh tonight at this party.. swagger on 3brickz x a billion…Headed to the Grammy after party fresh as h*ll…In tha club getting my 2step on…Paris Hilton is in here getting it on the dance floor LOL.” (Soula Boy’s Twitter)

Washington, DC rapper Wale also expressed his thoughts on the Grammys.

“I was at the Grammys last year…and I told myself I wouldn’t go unless I was gettin one…now I’m sayin I won’t be makin music if I’m not there next year,” Wale wrote unmodified. “Terrible but I’m just keepin it real…fans will always be number one..but a Grammy has been a dream since MJ got sick that year.” (Wale’s Twitter)

Singer Janelle Monae revealed her feelings on possibly winning at the awards.

“Whether I win an award or not — I will still continue my mission and my mess.. : -) I’m using this day to give love and positive energy,” she wrote. “Love meeting true artists — sitting next to M.I.A. and Lupe [Fiasco]. Nice people.” (Monae’s Twitter)

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