Meek Mill Warns Cassidy After ‘Catch A Body’ Diss: “We Gone Treat That Boy For Putting Snupe In His Raps!”

Meek Mill Warns Cassidy After ‘Catch A Body’ Diss: “We Gone Treat That Boy For Putting Snupe In His Raps!”

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill may have made Kendrick Lamar his latest target but appears ready to attack rap foe Cassidy for referencing his late artist Lil Snupe on his “Catch A Body” diss track.

Meek jumped onto his Twitter page Monday (September 9) and sent a public message out to Cass.

“We gone treat that boy for putting Snupe in his raps! #examples,” Meek tweeted September 9.

“One thing about me…… I never told on no n*ggaz…. One thing about me never sold my soul 2 no b#%ches”

“Worldstar sh*t!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

On Cass’ new diss record, he takes a public shot at the late teenage rapper.

“I ain’t broke chill, man I’m still worth a few mill /You remind me of Sisqó from Dru Hill /F*ck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed /And you only ride out on two wheels /You a motorcycle n*gga, I don’t like you n*gga /I spit cooked crack, I put that on the Bible n*gga /I pack guns, to jack son like Michael n*gga” (“Catch A Body”)

Over the weekend, the Philadelphia rapper announced plans to drop a retaliation track to Meek’s “Kendrick You Next” diss.

“I know n*ggas is in the streets talking right now ’cause this idiot put out another diss record about me but you know I stay in the motherf*cking lab,” Cass said in an interview. “It took a n*gga like eight, nine months to respond, d*mn near a year. He had to sit back, got a bunch of n*ggas around him helping him come up with lines, then he flipping lines he been had said in February and sh*t like that and try to come at me ’cause you know that ‘R.A.I.D.’ sh*t got under his skin. That sh*t f*cked him up emotionally and a n*gga can’t get over that. It’s eating at him every day so he had to come back with something. I wasn’t even thinking about that n*gga, you know what I mean? … Since he dropped that song, I thought it was done. I thought that n*gga was dead already. … The n*gga can’t even rap. But just to show the streets I’m still cooking n*ggas, I put some sh*t together to throw dirt over the hole. It’s doing down tonight, it’s called ‘Catch A Body.’ ‘Cause that’s what I do. I kill n*ggas.” (Much Better Films)

Last month, Mill released a new track in memory of Lil Snupe.

Meek Mill has been vocal in mourning the recent death of 18-year-old Louisiana rapper Lil Snupe, who was signed to his Dreamchasers label, and here he offers a full memorial over a Boi-1da and Maven Boys instrumental. He dissects the broader culture of violence in Philadelphia with lines like “as I’m running through my city nigga all I see is murder/ain’t nobody seen it bet you everybody heard it” and laments Snupe’s lost potential. With the haunting hook of the simple observation that “All he wanted was a coupe,” it’s a powerful tribute. (Complex)

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Check out Cassidy’s “Catch A Body” track:

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