Meek Mill, Wale & Bow Wow Reveal Their Fave Jay-Z Anthems

Meek Mill, Wale & Bow Wow Reveal Their Fave Jay-Z Anthems

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill, Wale and Bow Wow recently revealed their admiration for rap mogul Jay-Z, notably their favorite Jigga tracks.

MMG’s Wale went back to Jay’s Rihanna and Kanye West “Run This Town” 2009 hit.

“Probably ‘Run This Town,’ it feels like you’re about to go to war or something,” Wale said of Jay’s 2009 collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye West. Mississippi newcomer Tito Lopez likes the more introspective Hov on stage. “My favorite Jay-Z song to watch him perform is ‘Song Cry,’ ” he said. “That might not even be my favorite Jay song, but it’s my favorite to watch him perform because of the emotion he puts into it, you don’t see him get too emotional.” (MTV)

Meek and Bow Weezy also stayed in the 2000’s when asked for their picks.

Diggy Simmons likes the God MC’s 1997 BK-dedication “Where I’m From,” but Meek Mill gets more excited for the new classics. “I like a lot of them but just recently I’d say ‘N—as in Paris,’ ” the Philadelphia spitter said of the Watch the Throne tour highlight. “That was my favorite one, he dropped it five times.” Queens, New York, rookie rapper 360 had to go back to 2001’s The Blueprint to find his top choice, “U Don’t Know,” but Bow Wow and Roots drummer Questlove went in a different direction entirely. “Gotta be ‘Public Service Announcement,’ ” said Bow without hesitation. (MTV)

Last May, Meek Mill defended hiring Jay’s Roc Nation management team.

“This theory is that I’m an underground rapper and I come from the street,” he explained in an interview. “There’s parts of the game that I can’t reach with my management and so we combined with them and made things work out to the point where they could bring things to the table that we need,” explained Mill, noting that there weren’t any other management deals in the works. “They’re taking it to the next level. I’m not looking for anything. Everything else falls on me.” (Billboard)

Back in 2010, Wale admitted almost signing to Def Jam off the strength of his relationship with Jay.

“Jay’s my man, like, I met Jay-Z three years ago when he was at Def Jam,” Wale explained referring to Hov’s 2005-2008 run as Def Jam president. “I almost had a situation there but he left. He kept me under the wing and I get to go a lot of places that I probably couldn’t afford and eat things I can’t pronounce and stuff like that. But touring with Jay, like being the opening act in arenas and it’s only 20 percent full, we may or may not have a dressing room, it’s good. It’s like bieng a freshman on a footballteam. And I pay my dues, and I think a lot of times artists feel like you’re supposed to give it to them.” (“The Mo’ Nique Show”)

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