Meek Mill Still Upset W/ Cassidy: “You A B*tch A** N*gga, Don’t Be Talking About Nobody That’s Dead” [Video]

Meek Mill Still Upset W/ Cassidy: “You A B*tch A** N*gga, Don’t Be Talking About Nobody That’s Dead” [Video]

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is still losing sleep over Cassidy recently dissing his slain artist Lil’ Snupe and explained why he can’t let his one-time rap pal slide.

While he initially explained his tug-of-war Cass shots, Meek became more personal when asked about Snupe’s reference.

“I be going back and forth with Cassidy. I just do it cause I like that sh*t. I don’t earn nothing from coming at no Cassidy. I’m just having fun,” Meek explained. “Yeah, that’s some b*tch a** sh*t. You a b*tch a** n*gga. Don’t be talking about nobody that’s dead cause when you see me you ain’t gonna talk like that. So, why talk like that on a track? That’s disrespectful. Say if I see you one of my homies disrespect you. I ain’t gonna be able to hold nobody back. I ain’t holding nobody back. You sitting here talking about a dead man. I ain’t got nothing to do with it. I ain’t holding nobody back.” (Life + Times)

Recently, Meek said he helped give Cass some extra attention with the diss.

Meek Mill and Cassidy have been trading jabs over the past few months, with the MMG rapper dropping “Kendrick You Next” last week and Cassidy immediately returning fire on “Catch A Body.” “I just be helping him out really,” Meek told MTV News, laughing, as he addressed the back and forth. “I like to tell ya’ll the truth behind the records. DJ Enuff was in the studio and I was playing a lot of records and that was the last one I played,” he explained. “I actually did that record 8 months ago, so everybody on my team already heard it, but when I was recording and fixing the last bars, rapping, “Enuff what’s up?” ‘Kendrick You’re Next’ he asked me what to save it under, and it became ‘Kendrick You Next.’ That’s just me giving Cassidy some help.” (RapFix)

Meek also briefly addressed the Philly emcee referencing Snupe on the retaliation track, “Catch A Body.”

“This last one I ain’t really listen to it but I heard he said something about Lil Snupe. That little kid died and he’s got family. People I be around don’t play like that. I don’t talk about people’s family members or friends or somebody who that died, in a rap.” (RapFix)

On Cass’ new diss record, he takes a public swipte at the late teenage rapper.

“I ain’t broke chill, man I’m still worth a few mill /You remind me of Sisqó from Dru Hill /F*ck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed /And you only ride out on two wheels /You a motorcycle n*gga, I don’t like you n*gga /I spit cooked crack, I put that on the Bible n*gga /I pack guns, to jack son like Michael n*gga” (“Catch A Body”)

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