Meek Mill Sparks Mixed Reactions From Judge After Court Appearance

Meek Mill Sparks Mixed Reactions From Judge After Court Appearance

Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill reportedly raised eyebrows during a court appearance this week after receiving praise for his etiquette skills but getting singled out over an alleged probation violation.

Details of his court appearance have started to bubble across the Internet.

Meek Mill beamed in court yesterday as his etiquette teacher told the judge what a good student he was, saying she’d “be proud to have him in my family, as a son or brother.” Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, “is a thinker with big goals,” Gail Madison, director of the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol, said during the rapper’s probation hearing. (Philly)

Despite the praise, Mill caught fire for showing love to an incarcerated man.

But just like the ups and downs in show business, Mill’s mood changed when prosecutor Noel DeSantis told Judge Genece E. Brinkley that the rapper had violated his probation by visiting a man jailed on murder charges. He posted a photo of himself and Thelonious Parker, the inmate, on Instagram, DeSantis said. The rapper also recently tested positive for the pain medication Percocet – and he threw the bottle away, making it difficult to determine if it was his prescription, the annoyed prosecutor said. “I understand he has a persona that he must keep, but that does not allow him to visit a criminal awaiting trial for murder, no matter how much it makes your street cred look better and your music sell more albums,” DeSantis said. (Philly)

Recent reports revealed Meek would have his fine dining skills touched up courtesy of a woman from the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol.

Mill was ordered to take the etiquette classes last year after violating his probation in his 2008 gun possession case. The judge said Mill needed to refine his use of social media and learn to behave. According to Meek’s lawyer, the rapper passed the courses with flying colors — including classes about dressing for success and proper social media communication — but enough wasn’t enough. We’re told Meek has now hired Gail (from the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol) and she tells us, Meek wants her to to school him on fine dining skills, particularly of the international variety … because he travels so much. (TMZ)

Meek jumped at the opportunity to poke fun at his etiquette classes on Twitter last September.

“I graduated etiquette class….. Now I can spit these bars more properly!,” Meek tweeted September 7.

“When you get money split it with ya friend you know gone take care of ya fam when ya gone!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

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