Meek Mill Says Believe The ‘Amen’ Hype, “100% Real Footage! Really My Whips, Really Club Liv, Really My Friends…”

Meek Mill Says Believe The ‘Amen’ Hype, “100% Real Footage! Really My Whips, Really Club Liv, Really My Friends…”

Maybach Music Group Meek Mill is letting fans know he really lives the luxurious life by proclaiming just how real his new Drake-assisted “Amen” music video is.

Meek took to Twitter and dished out just how authentic the visual is.

“Did u see #amen video yet??,” he tweeted July 15th.

“#amen video is 100% real footage! Really my whips,really club liv,really my friends,really on a jet,really drake show! #mmg?” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

The eye-catching music video premiered online over the weekend.

Meek Mill and Drake party it up on the Club Paradise Tour like only two of the most in-demand rappers can in the visuals for their collaboration. This, of course, means that along with the shots of the duo on stage doing their thing, the video is packed from beginning to end with model chicks, bottles of liquor, and luxury cars. Oh, and famous friends, like Waka Flocka Flame, French Montana, Fat Joe, and J. Cole. Sounds heavenly, right? “Amen” is taken from Meek Mill’s mixtape, DreamChasers 2. His debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, is out on August 28. (Neon Limelight)

A few days ago, he got into a heated debate with fellow Philadelphian Pastor Jomo K. Johnson over the song’s content.

Right as the on air conversation between the two began, Meek voiced his concerns. “This looking like you trying to get famous, or you need some attention, because you could have came to me and said anything you wanted to say,” he said. “I mighta helped you. If you needed money for your church, I mighta woulda gave you that money. I mighta even remixed the song with Kirk Franklin. Anything you wanted to do. You went about it like you looking for attention and fame.” Johnson retorted, “My plea to you is to turn from sin, turn from blasphemy, turn from unrighteousness, that you’re purporting in your music–turn to Jesus Christ and receive eternal life. It doesn’t matter how much money you get, without Jesus Christ you will be lost eternally.” The Pastor said he had once served four years in jail, for aggravated assault on an officer, and God changed his life. (XXL Mag)

Last month, Johnson hit up SOHH to detail his “Amen” conflicts.

“I have respect for Meek Mill as an artist and fellow Philadelphia native. The church that I started, is right down the street from where he grew up. But he lost his hood pass by making this song. North Philadelphia is a highly religious community, Christian and Muslim. And for him to make a song like this is disrespect to every believer in Christ,” Jomo told SOHH in a statement. “As stated, Meek would never have the nuts to make a song disrespecting Mohammed or the Mosque because he knows Muslims would never let him return to Philadelphia. So he chose to mock the Christian church. But I want him to know, that if he comes back to Philly to perform this Summer at Fairmount Park, POAC, (Philly Open Air Church) will be there to meet him and hold him accountable. Christ is a forgiving Lord, but he will not be mocked. And neither will his Church. [sic]” (SOHH)

Check out the “Amen” music video below:

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