Meek Mill Salutes 50 Cent: “I Got Respect For Him” [Audio]

Meek Mill Salutes 50 Cent: “I Got Respect For Him” [Audio]

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill recently spoke on his relationship with 50 Cent and how much admiration he has for the G-Unit head honcho.

Meek said he has nothing but respect for Fif and said their main focus is on making money.

“I got respect for him too,” Meek said in an interview. “I got respect for him too in the same way. I don’t feel like I calmed him down, I just feel like I told him some real stuff. If he would have talked to me, I would have probably did the same thing. You just got to move right out here and try to get money and stay out of all that stuff. While we get money, we’re just going to move right everywhere, through the world, these haters don’t want to see you live good.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)

Last month, tensions rose between 50 and one of Meek’s associates at an Atlanta music convention.

Can’t we all just get along? Last night, at the Mixshow Live event in Atlanta, the music venue almost turned into a boxing ring with members from Meek Mill and 50 Cent’s entourages exchanging words while in close proximity. DDot was on hand to capture the footage. According to those in attendance, the mood swung from music to beef after 50 pointed out someone in Meek’s crew who he had a problem with from his prior run ins with MMG’s camp. Tough talk was tossed around between cliques but no altercation popped off. (XXL Mag)

Earlier this year, Meek said he hoped a truce could be called between Fif and his boss Rick Ross.

“Eh, you know, what they got going on, they grown men, it’s been going on for a long time,” Meek said in an interview referring to the rift between Ross and 50. “If I could, I would. I knew 50 before I even got signed with Ross. So, you know, when I signed with Ross, I couldn’t just act like I didn’t like 50 at all, that’d a be fake of me, so, if I could, I would. I don’t like seeing nobody I know go through anything. I don’t want to be in the middle one day and you got to choose sides or anything like that.” (“Sway In The Morning”)

In late August, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz revealed some advice 50 shared with him.

“He was an underdog, he almost died,” Chainz said, referring to 50 Cent. “He was a crack dealer, too. One thing that I took from him that is a strong correlation, an analogy that I use today, it’s no disrespect, is that he once told me that fans were kind of like fiends in wanting something and wanting it from a certain supply but not being loyal because when you’re out in the streets, it’s just about who’s got the best product for the best deal. And so it becomes like a consistent thing, something regular, that’s good. I use those analogies in my music. Like, I got crack for my fans. I try to keep feeding you, keep supplying your needs. I don’t want to take up that case and you go somewhere else to fill your void. That’s why I’m adamant about keeping the music out and doing the best job I can on each and every verse.” (Nite Cap W/ Peter Bailey)

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Check out Meek Mill’s interview:

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