Meek Mill Reveals What Rappers He Won’t Battle

Meek Mill Reveals What Rappers He Won’t Battle

Days after publicly announcing an interest in setting up $100,000 battle rap competition, Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill has now laid out his personal standards.

According to Meek, he is only focused on doing battle raps with relevant artists.

“I’m not battling none of these n*ggas thats not popping! I’m popping some of these n*ggas gotta pay me 2 do dat!,” Meek tweeted November 3rd.

“Now I don’t wanna battle! Lol ima stick 2 making this fire y’all niggas talk too much!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Over the weekend, fellow Philadelphia rapper Cassidy gladly accepted Meek’s challenge.

“Well, you know, that’s what I do, man. I mean, I’m cut from that cloth. I started off with battling so I’m into that but ever since I got a deal and started getting money up in this industry, it wasn’t really beneficial for me to battle especially with a bunch of those dudes that are battling all the time,” Cass said in an interview with radio host Q Deezy. “I know I’ma bite they head off but it’s like, really, what am I going to get out of it? … Meek got that wave right now, he a household name, bigging him up — we definitely can get a nice crowd, get some crazy sponsors and get some chicken up. So it’ll be beneficial for me to do something like that.” (Q Deezy)

Earlier in the week, Meek broke the news of his interest in caking up courtesy of sponsored battle raps.

“I’m a leader. I don’t follow people. We have a lane to take this to another level where a whole ‘nother money circuit could open up. I’m a leader. I’m willing to take the leadership and when I take that leadership, don’t be mad when I’m the only one getting that leader money and you might be battling for a little 40 or 50 grand because I’m the one that took the chance to open the door. You gotta have a hundred [thousand dolloars] or better. I can’t do it for free. That ain’t my lane. Win, lose or draw, just for even stepping on the court. Just to step in. … They got a million sponsors that’d love to have Meek Mill with that banner in the back for them going in to 20,000 people because when I battle, it ain’t going to be 5,000, it’s going to be 20,000 people or better. I ain’t doing no home court advantages. … I think I’d [match up] Cassidy and [Murda] Mook right now. That’d be crazy right there. I’d do Cassidy and Mook. … Cassidy ain’t been in a battle but everybody knows, Cassidy, that’s what he do.” (The Warner Sound)

Last year, Cassidy spoke to SOHH and christened himself the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. of battle rapping.

“Even with my battle rapping, that whole little lane was created not just through me, but mainly through artists like me. Before most battle rappers got their success, that’s what I was doing and that was the direction that I was going in. I’m still undefeated. I’m like the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. with it. So I feel like I should get more credit than I do and I feel there’s a certain amount of people in the world that know what I do but I’m just talking about the masses. The majority of people don’t really know what I’m capable of.” (SOHH Underrated)

Check out Cassidy addressing the challenge:

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