Meek Mill Gets Called Out By Local Philly Rapper W/ “King Me” Diss [Audio]

Meek Mill Gets Called Out By Local Philly Rapper W/ “King Me” Diss [Audio]

Philadelphia rapper Gillie Da Kid has taken a public shot at fellow hometown hip-hop artist Meek Mill with the release of his new “King Me” track.

GDK unloaded his new anthem across the Internet early Thursday (July 25).

Philly is back today! Gillie Da Kid, the Philly native MC, apparently feels a certain way about Meek Mill’s recent proclamation of being the King Of Philly. Gillie decided to release a new banger today taking aim solely at the MMG wordsmith and Philly native. The track is called “King Me” and finds Gillie going in over top of something rather impressive, giving us a laundry list of reasons why he feels Meek was wrong with the title. The track is a hard hitting, gritty, street banger that finds Gillie effortlessly laying down his bars. This sh*t is too dope, I’m curious to hear what Meek has to say about all of this; only time will tell. (Stupid Dope)

The track is reportedly a response to some words Meek shot his way earlier in the week.

Gillie Da Kid took a break from playing Tupac (!!!) to respond to Meek Mill’s shady comments about Philly royalty. On Sunday, Meek Mill sent out an innocent tweet questioning his title if an unnamed party was “king of Philly.” Gillie didn’t need a rap beefologist to figure out Meek was calling him out. The MMG rapper followed up the tweet by letting his fellow Philly rapper know he wasn’t going to respond to any rap disses, what with him being busy in “them Philly streets” and everything. (Smoking Section)

Meek also resorted to his Instagram page to address local artists coming at him.

“Old bitter n*ggas b talking bcuz they had it and fumbled…… It’s no competition…… You got a Lil bullsh*t jewelry wit no real car…….no real house… N*ggas b laying under sports players tryna keep they image up…. I can believe some of these dudes from home still b talking when y’all don’t want it on no tip….. Hands,chopping,stunting,rapping nothing! #justfallbackFollowing” (Meek Mill’s Instagram)

Last month, Mill’s ex-comrade Cassidy fired a few shots his way with the release of “Dopest Out.”

“While you was watching Nick at Nite I was pitchin’ getting that chicken right/ Flippin’ white I sold the coke/ I was throwin’ throwin’ yoke like it’s mischief night/ I be with b*tches the b*tches like/ And I be twistin’ that kryptonite/ I don’t hit the pipe but keep weed to twist/ The tree’s get lit like it’s Christmas night/ You might can rap but don’t risk your life/ I ain’t playing around with you/ If we get in the square I’mma end your career/ The most you would last is a round or two/ Cause lyrically you can’t compare to me/ But I ain’t battling voluntarily/ We could come to rap for that 100 stacks/ And then give some of that to charity/ You scared of me…” (“Dopest Out”)

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Check out Gillie Da Kid’s “King Me”:

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