Meek Mill Dishes On Nas’ Co-Sign, “Now When I Go In The Booth, I Just Be Saying Whatever”

Meek Mill Dishes On Nas’ Co-Sign, “Now When I Go In The Booth, I Just Be Saying Whatever”

Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill has discussed the value of getting co-signed by living hip-hop legend Nas and how his studio approach has changed ever since.

For Meek Mill, Nas’ stamp of approval only boosted his confidence as an emcee.

“Shout out to the big homie, Nas,” Meek said in an interview with radio veteran Angie Martinez. “I gotta lot of love for that, man. … Yeah, he gave me a lot of confidence with that. Now, when I go in the booth, I just be saying whatever. I take my time. [Nas] is like I’m going in the right direction already.” (Hot 97)

Last week, Nasty Nas said he thought Meek could be the next hip-hop artist to blow up.

According to Mr. Jones, another artist who has “it” is Meek Mill. “I got my eyes on him. He’s the next one to take this sh*t over. I’m rooting for him,” said Nas. “There are no more street orators in the game, who are fresh off the block and can tell us currently what’s going on. So you gotta appreciate him. We have to support Meek Mill’s movement because he’s talking about real life and if we don’t support that, then what are we doin’?” (Rap-Up)

Recently, Meek labeled Mr. Jones an elite hip-hop artist.

“Nas is one of the best rappers ever. Just having him in the studio, that’s a big thing to me. I grew up listening to this guy. I came and I played the beat for him and he liked my music, so we just vibed out,” he said, explaining that the feeling of his unfinished songs will dictate guest features on ‘Dreams & Nightmares’. “If I have a song that sounds like it fits Nicki [Minaj] the best or it fits T.I. the best, that’s the people I would sort of lean towards getting on them songs. But it depends on how the songs fit the person.” (Billboard)

Earlier this month, New York producer Dame Grease told SOHH Meek is the hottest new rapper in hip-hop.

“I can tell you who’s the best new artist, that I like, with the lyrics and style. I like Meek Mill,” Grease told SOHH. “He’s like the f*ckin’ only rapper that’s been out for the past couple years. You gotta understand, man, I’m from the era of rapping on the corner in Harlem where the dude raps, you might get slapped at the same time. At the same time, that made me think about how DMX and The LOX came out with straight bars. So of course being straight bars, it’s always a part of it but knowing how the game goes, I’ve gotta re-forecast my direction toward image, different things. You know what I’m saying? Movement. Originality. Those different things, you know what I’m saying? But my basis is straight bars. You know what I’m saying? Straight bars. I ain’t gonna lie, for years, ain’t nobody kick no bars like, ‘Ohh. Ohh, that’s deep.'” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Meek Mill footage below:

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