“Me & Dre Never Had A Problem & Our Relationship Has Never Changed”

“Me & Dre Never Had A Problem & Our Relationship Has Never Changed”

After reuniting with Aftermath Records CEO Dr. Dre for his new R.E.D. Album, Game has clarified past reports suggesting they previously had a beef brewing between one another.

Despite having not worked alongside Dre since his 2005 Documentary debut, Game said they never clashed.

“Me and Dre never had a problem and our relationship has never changed,” Game said in an interview. “He just stepped when we were doing the whole beef thing, as he should have. I didn’t understand it at the time, because I was little bit younger, but in retrospect as I grew wiser in the game, I began to understand his position. He had already had a lot of beef in his career and he didn’t want to have any part of our melee, so he stepped to the side. When it was time to have a conversation about it, we did. When it was time to get back in the studio, we did as well.” (Baller Status)

Game recruited Dre to help narrate his entire R.E.D. Album LP.

“The album is real theatrical; it’s a movie,” Game said. “And it’s narrated by Dr. Dre — the entire album.” Dre, who originally signed Game to his Aftermath label and oversaw the rapper’s debut, The Documentary, has played a limited role in the rapper’s career since Game’s fallout with 50 Cent, who is also signed to Dre’s Aftermath. Since then, the West Coast production icon hasn’t contributed beats or vocals to any of Game’s subsequent albums. And though the two have since reconciled and have been spotted in the studio together, this will mark the first time that they’ve actually collaborated on album-worthy material. (RapFix)

In 2009, West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg said he reunited Game and Dre.

“Yeah, actually, we working on the Detox album right now,” Snoop revealed in a fall 2009 interview. “Actually, me and Dr. Dre and D.O.C. and Stat Quo, we in there every day trying to go hard, I came and called Game up so he could come and be a part of this particular record that Dre had that was needing his vocals and needed his assistance on. We just trying to bring it all back together again. One thing about me, I’ve always been known to bring people together to solidify relationship. It’s about what we can do, not what we did. So we doing some things to try and bring this movement back, so that’s what this picture was about. It was about symbolizing the West Coast movement…” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood)

Two years ago, Game also revealed his return to working with the Doc.

R.E.D., I’m just painting the whole world red,” Game promised in an interview with DJ Green Lantern. “It’s basically the re-dedication, it’s my most hood and street album since The Documentary so it’s basically being rededicated to my fans, my family, my kids, my block, my hood. Like, hip-hop, the R.E.D. Album is gonna be crazy. I’m back in with Dre everyday going hard in the studio doing the little stuff, working on Detox with him and he’s working on The R.E.D. Album with me. It’s just, we got a good feeling out here…I did my last two albums without Dre and even though, I just did it on my own man. When I talked to him, he [was like] I’ve been doing a good job and he took a listen and I did my thing. I learned well, my time at Aftermath was spent well, so getting back in, that old feeling came back. The chemistry is crazy, I got a lot of love for that dude and that’s why I never really disrespected him or really went at Aftermath, I only did what I had to do to survive man, but I got love for dude and we back in grindin’ man.” (That’s Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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