“Me & Charlamagne Tha God Started In South Carolina, My DJ Is Actually His Best Friend” [Audio]

“Me & Charlamagne Tha God Started In South Carolina, My DJ Is Actually His Best Friend” [Audio]

[With his new Respect, Money, Power project heating up the Internet, South Carolina native Freddie Gz gives SOHH readers the skinny on his new Charlamagne Tha God-hosted release.]

I thought about this project a while ago. I had a tape I dropped in 2011 with DJ Khaled called This Thing Of Ours. We kind of wanted to make a sequel to that but we just wanted to make sure it was right. I felt the timing wasn’t really right and so I fell back and just worked on the music and learning the craft a little more.

We didn’t want to run with the cliché name of “Money, Power, Respect” so we did something slightly different. Originally the tape was going to be called “Respect, Money & Power” but we decided to take the “and” out and make it Respect, Money, Power to give it a little twist.

I’m from South Carolina but a lot of my close friends live in New Jersey. So we actually built our own studio out there in Jersey and I stayed there for about a year. We were in the studio, working with engineers, so it was all in-house.

I traveled back and forth to do shows and to check on my family but for the most part, I was in the New York and New Jersey area for about a year. Of course Charlamagne Tha God is out there too so I was able to hang with him and build with him while I was there.

Me and Charlamagne That God started in South Carolina. My deejay is actually is his best friend. DJ Frosty actually co-hosted the mixtape. When I decided to work with Frosty around ’07 and ’08, that’s when I met Charlamagne.

Everything we do is as a family. He’s hosted about 3 or 4 of my mixtapes, it’s just that now I’m starting to get a bigger buzz. People think this is the first mixtape he’s hosted but we’ve done a lot of stuff in the past.

We’re keeping the ball rolling. I’m proud of what he’s doing on television and on the radio and he took the time to salute me on the mixtape. So I definitely appreciate that. Charlamagne is family. He’s more family than music.

Check out the new mixtape:

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