“Me & Amy Winehouse Were Good Friends, We Talked On Skype A Lot”

“Me & Amy Winehouse Were Good Friends, We Talked On Skype A Lot”

After getting name checked by late singer Amy Winehouse in a recent posthumous interview as a rap duet wish, SOHH hit up rapper Rah Digga to get her reaction to revelation.

Digga said she was aware of Winehouse’s admiration back in 2007 and even attempted to snag the late UK songstress for a collabo.

“Me and Amy were good friends, we talked on Skye a lot,” Digga revealed to SOHH referring to the late Amy Winehouse. “We were trying to make that [collaboration] happen when she first said it. The first time I saw her say that was in a XXL article, I think, maybe back in 2007. So I reached out to her back then. But I think at that time maybe it was becoming, like, serious, her drug problem. So she kind of detached from everybody and went into rehab and I was doing my thing. We always kind of tag teamed each other but then we actually started really communicating amongst ourselves a couple years ago. Not like ‘My people are talking to your people.’ Me and her actually started talking to each other directly, a couple of years ago.” (SOHH)

While plans to put out posthumous Winehouse music have stirred up, Digga hopes the powers that be pay homage by staying true to the singer’s authenticity.

“The collaboration never happened, I feel bad like, d*mn,” Digga added. “It is what it is. I miss her. I was really looking forward to that. I know they’re going to do some posthumous stuff for her, I just hope it embodies what she stood for musically and not a whole bunch of label big wigs trying to turn it into a multi-platinum pop project. She really was [a hip-hop head.] When I saw her make that [collaboration wish list] comment, I was bugging. Like, ‘Wow. Amy Winehouse was checking for me?'” (SOHH)

 Last month, MTV published an Amy Winehouse interview from 2007 featuring her listing her most coveted rap duets.

“There’s so many people I’d love to work with: Nas, Mos Def. I’d love to work with Busta Rhymes, I’d love to work with Rah Digga … I love them,” she said in 2007. “I learned a lot of stuff about how to write songs from people like that. I just really like them, and if they like my stuff, cool. … If they want to do a track, I’d love to.” (MTV)

A few days ago, rap veteran Nas described his admiration for the late singer.

“Amy was my sister. Genuine person who spoke her mind & didn’t give a F*ck!,” he tweeted August 3rd.

“We shared the same bday! We was planning a party this Sept 14th! I gotta celebrate for her!” (Nas’ Twitter)

Check out Amy Winehouse & Ghostface Killah‘s “You Know I’m No Good” remix below:

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