McDonald’s DJ Flavor: “We’re Pretty Much Known For Doing Crazy Things Out Here In The Bay”

McDonald’s DJ Flavor: “We’re Pretty Much Known For Doing Crazy Things Out Here In The Bay”

[With the winter in full effect, SOHH has teamed with McDonald’s to keep things hot in a four-part series highlighting all-star deejays throughout the United States, dshing on how they put on for their city. After New York’s Kid Capri gave us a bite of the Big Apple, San Jose’s six-member deejay crew The Bangerz talk about their Bay Area style.]

We’re from the Bay Area and it’s a very diverse place. We have different cultures and just down the street you have different styles in culture, music and everything they do. We’re from a very diverse community so it actually helps with our production, when we deejay and how we put together tracks. I would say coming up in the Bay has helped us out a lot because we’re surrounded by so many different cultures and that’s how we have grown. -Goldenchyld

I think he hit it right on the head. There’s a lot of different parts in the Bay Area and a lot of them have their own separate cultures. As kids from San Jose, we always explored the other parts of the Bay Area because we were born over here and we’ve done a lot of different styles and a lot of different music. Even down to the people that you meet, they all have different cultures. All of those things have an impact and play a part in Bay Area music. -DJ Cutso

We grew up where you would go to a buddy’s house and the turntables would be like furniture. It’s like everyone’s house would have some tables and you’d end up hanging out with the homies. It’s very much diverse and everybody is always building off of each other’s ideas. It’s dope out here. -Squareweezy

The Bay Area has always had a steered sense of how we all came up together. When you’re coming up in the Bay, you’re really about supporting each other. It was never really about competition out here for a lot of artists. That’s the great thing about the Bay. We’re very united. Within itself, it’s a very unified scene. I think us being from the Bay Area has really been a great formula to our crew. -G-Wrex

We’re The Bangerz and we’re pretty much known for doing crazy things out here in the Bay. I don’t think that living somewhere else, we would have been the same crew. But because we lived in the Bay Area, it was OK for us to experiment with different music. We could take turntables and put some hard 808’s in there. We could sample weird records, add stutters and glitches to music and other things that you felt comfortable to do out here. As kids growing up in the Bay, our deejay style grew because the neighborhoods we played for really accepted us. If you sounded like someone else in the Bay Area, it was actually worse than having your own sound. People would look at you crazy for trying to be someone else. Growing up in the Bay Area and being around that scene, knowing that people would accept you for the way you sounded, was incredible. -Goldenchyld

As the only 6-man DJ and production team to not only make music together, but perform as a whole, The Bangerz have been steadily gaining fame through more than 15 years of experience. With numerous DJ titles under their belt, including the 2001 DMC Regional Champions and 2000 ITF Western Hemisphere Team Champions, they were the first DJ group to utilize a 12-turntable team routine that transcended gimmicks – a feat that turntablism had never witnessed before. This eclectic DJ and production team has experience in every component of the music game from owning 17 Hertz – one of the most successful studios in the Bay Area, to producing hits and DJ-ing with some of the world’s greatest.

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