MC Hammer Brands Jay-Z As “Just Another Rapper”

MC Hammer Brands Jay-Z As “Just Another Rapper”

Rap veteran MC Hammer has chosen to speak out against Jay-Z weeks after publicly bashing him as a devil worshipper in a music video entitled, “Better Run Run.”

Despite Jay’s fame, Hammer believes the rap mogul is no different than any other artist.

“At the end of the day he’s just another rapper,” Hammer said in an interview about Jay. “Let me frame it for you, he’s just another man. I think that phrase is better. At the end of the day he’s just another man. Men still gotta be men. He’s not above being addressed…I feel victorious because my point was awareness of the issues. In anything that you are doing, the messaging is important, at least if that’s what your goal is. My goal was – two main issues. One – in the last five/six years however many it has been, you have taken the position that my faith is joke. That my faith is something that you can use in my videos and something that you just wanna dress the walls up with. Run a quick photo by it of Jesus with bullet holes on the side of it.” (All Hip Hop)

Hammer also said Jay’s disrespect of religion caused him to step forward.

“Let’s deal with it from his perspective. I have heard it a lot of people say; ‘Why would Hammer get mad about the truth right – Jay didn’t diss him, he said something that is true?’ The same argument applies, why would you get mad if you’re a fan of his? Did he not say – ‘life begins when the church ends’ [in ‘Empire State of Mind’]? Did he not say – ‘Jesus can’t save you?’ Why you getting mad, have I said something that is not true? Did I put the video with bullets around the cross round Jesus in his [‘On to the Next One’] video? Have I said something that is not true? I haven’t said something that is not true. Where have I made up something. Any of the videos that you wanna put up, where I have said that he got satanic references to, I ain’t saying nothing that isn’t true either. So that logic applies across the board.” (All Hip Hop)

Last week, Hammer tweeted his “victory” over Jay and voiced his enthusiasm over making an example out of the Forbes lister.

“@MercedesRay320 Big Play Ray.. I already won. I addressed a man that most men fear. Used him as a warning to others. And checked him too..,” Hammer tweeted Thursday (November 4).

“Nothing worse than a Spineless Man (ask any woman) .. I ReBuke Weakness..”Why you gett’n at J” .. Shut up ‘Gurly Men’.. govenator lol”

“He Blindsided me with “So Appalled” and now he “wines” me with his new book.. Sean Carter is a genius.. But don’t sleep on me ..” (MC Hammer’s Twitter)

Prior to the tweets Jay denied intentionally slamming Hammer via his “So Appalled” verse.

“I didn’t know that wasn’t on the table for discussion,” Jay laughingly told DJ Semtex. “I didn’t know I was the first person to ever say that? Am I? [laughs] I’m not, am I? I know I’ve heard that before, I didn’t think I was the first one to say it. I guess, you know when I say things, I think people believe me so much that they take it a different way. It’s not rap anymore at that point. I didn’t mean it. I said some great things about him in the [Decoded] book that I have coming out — he’s gonna be like, embarrassed. I said some really great things about him in the book and about people’s perception of him and how he’s from East Oakland. It is what it is. He took it the wrong way. I didn’t know I said anything wrong. I don’t know if I said a lie.” (DJ Semtex)

Check out MC Hammer’s “Better Run Run” music video below:

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