Maybach Music Group Rapper Pops Up In NBA 2K13

Maybach Music Group Rapper Pops Up In NBA 2K13

Maybach Music Group’s Wale reportedly enjoys some camera time in the new NBA 2K13 game which hits store shelves nationwide tomorrow (October 2).

A new NBA 2K13 screen shot shows the Washington, D.C. rapper sitting court side.

We reported last week that you’ll see Jay-Z sitting courtside at Brooklyn Nets games in NBA 2K13. But it appears he’s not the only rapper in the video game. Wale, too, can be seen in the crowd and you can get a sneak peek at how he looks digitally above. NBA 2K13 drops tomorrow. (Complex)

Last week, rap mogul Jay-Z held an NBA 2K13 launch party in New York City.

Hip-Hop and NBA All-Stars gathered at the 40/40 club in NYC on Wednesday night for the official launch party of NBA 2K13. The popular video game franchise, arriving in-stores October 2nd, was executive produced by Jay-Z, who was one of many stars at the packed event. Along with Jay-Z, Nas, Bow Wow, Talib Kweli, Bridget Kelly, Tracy Morgan, Boi-1da, and Tyson Beckford also made appearances. Expectedly, the guest list included NBA’s notable ballers, like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Tyreke Evens, and the Brooklyn Nets’ Kris Humphries and Brooke Lopez. (Miss Info TV)

Back in January, Jay-Z got officially announced as NBA 2K13’s executive producer.

Rapper and Brooklyn Nets part-owner Jay-Z is set to executive produce NBA 2K13, the 13th installment in 2K Sport’s popular basketball game series. The news was revealed via his Life + Times website in a trailer featuring his song “Public Service Announcement” from “The Black Album.” The 24-second viral video is narrated by Michael Jordan and also showcases the cover baring Jay-Z’s name in the top right corner. NBA 2K13 is currently available for pre-order and is set to hit shelves on October 2. While it’s unclear the type of music Jay-Z has in mind for the soundtrack, in the past, both indie rock and hip-hop music have been featured. (Billboard)

Back in 2010, Wale admitted almost signing to Def Jam off the strength of his relationship with Jay.

“Jay’s my man, like, I met Jay-Z three years ago when he was at Def Jam,” Wale explained referring to Hov’s 2005-2008 run as Def Jam president. “I almost had a situation there but he left. He kept me under the wing and I get to go a lot of places that I probably couldn’t afford and eat things I can’t pronounce and stuff like that. But touring with Jay, like being the opening act in arenas and it’s only 20 percent full, we may or may not have a dressing room, it’s good. It’s like bieng a freshman on a footballteam. And I pay my dues, and I think a lot of times artists feel like you’re supposed to give it to them.” (“The Mo’ Nique Show”)

Check out the NBA 2K13 trailer below:

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