Max B Ready To Ride Wave Outta Jail, “I Just Can’t Wait To Get Back Into The Studio”

Max B Ready To Ride Wave Outta Jail, “I Just Can’t Wait To Get Back Into The Studio”

Despite former Dipset affiliate Max B currently behind bars on a 75-year jail sentence, the Harlem rapper has hinted at plans to break free and get back into music-making.

Discussing a pending appeal, Max detailed what his post-jail plans would be following an early release.

“I’m about to touch down real soon,” Max B said in an interview with DJ Statik Selektah. “I come home, I’m on my contract situation, so yeah, there’s definitely going to be a Max Biggavel album. I’m gonna give ya’ll a couple Max Biggavel albums. I’m always going to be me and be in my own box, my own category. I’m second to none, I’m one of a kind. When I hit the town, I just can’t wait to get back into the studio. Ya’ll are gonna be thrilled. I’m trying to set my business straight, handle everything,” he continued, “get all my stuff in order because my shit was all over the place.” (ShowOff Radio)

Last month, long-time Max B producer Dame Grease gave SOHH an update on the jailed rapper.

“I spoke to Max [a few] days ago,” Grease told SOHH. “I speak to Max B at least two times a week. We speak two times a week and we’re actually hooking up this new project with this company. I don’t want to say the name but we’re getting ready to get some songs over there. I still have over 200 unreleased songs. As far as the court sh*t and all of that, I won’t comment on it and I don’t want to tell people something that’s false. Good lawyers, good people and God, that’s all we need.” (SOHH)

In March, the wavy rapper spoke out against reports claiming an appeal was rejected.

“I just need y’all to stop the fraudulent rumors, Bigga still right here,” Max said in an interview. “My sh*t ain’t get denied! I’m still waiting on the courts, but that thing right there, right around the corner, right, right around the corner. I was gonna give y’all n*ggas a special treat, I got some unreleased records that I was about to release. It just be a matter of time before I unleash the dragon, when I step out the can, I’ma be on my grown man sh*t.” (Hip Hop Connection)

Prior to the denial, reports suggested he would spend the next 30 years behind bars.

Looks like we won’t be seeing Max B anytime soon. Max B’s appeal was denied and he won’t be eligible for parole or prison release until November 9th, 2042. Yep, we most likely won’t see Charly Wingate aka Max B for 30 more years according to the New Jersey State Police. Max B ended up in a New Jersey State Prison cell in 2009 after he was found guilty on 9 out of 11 counts of murder and robbery charges. If you commit the crime, you do the time but is there any actual proof that Max B murdered anybody? I don’t think so. Free Max B! (Rap Dose)

Check out a recent Max B interview below:

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