“Max B Got 75 Years, I Don’t Want That To [Happen] With Tru”

“Max B Got 75 Years, I Don’t Want That To [Happen] With Tru”

With close friend/rapper Tru Life staring down the possibility of ten years behind bars on a 2009 murder charge, Saigon speaks on the fellow New York emcee’s current legal woes.

Maintaining a positive outlook, Sai said he still believes in Tru’s innocence.

“I don’t really know the ins and out of it, of what’s going on,” said Saigon of the options Tru is mulling over. “I’m just […] saddened by the whole situation. Because I know he’s innocent. One thing you don’t want to do is go to trial and get 50 years, so… I trust he’s going to do the right thing. Only he knows what’s right for him. I would take it though. I wouldn’t go to trial…He’s been in there two years already. If they offered him ten, he’ll do eight years, that’s only six more years. That’s not that bad considering the charges. This is how they do it. They say, ‘Look if you say you did it we give you this. But if we prove you guilty, then you spending taxpayer’s money, this trial is going to cost a lot, so they’re going to make an example out of you.'” (RapFix)

Sai also compared his friend’s current situation to incarcerated rapper Max B.

“Look at Max B. Max B got 75 years,” Sai added. “I don’t want that to be what happens with Tru. Is he going to take it or not, I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him about that. I’d jump on that. I’d try to get a little bit lower, but if that’s all they going to offer me, I wouldn’t go to trial. Obviously the DA feels like they got enough evidence to take him to trial, that’s a h*ll of a gamble.” (RapFix)

Details of the latest legal development hit the Internet Wednesday (February 16) evening.

Rapper Tru Life was offered a plea deal Wednesday on charges related to the fatal stabbing of a man outside a Murray Hill apartment building nearly two years ago. The plea deal offered by Assistant District Attorney Linda Ford involved a 10-year sentence for the 34-year-old rapper and 12 years for his brother, Marcus Rosado. Both brothers face second-degree murder, gang assault and assault charges. The deal would require them to waive the opportunity to appeal. Robert “Tru Life” Rosado’s lawyer, Alan Abramson, said he would discuss the plea deal with his client Wednesday afternoon. If the plea deal is not accepted, the brothers will go to trial on the first Monday in March. The rapper appeared in court Wednesday with a crew cut and neatly-groomed beard, in a dark brown suit and tie. His wife was in the courtroom. (DNA Info)

In November 2010, Sai discussed Tru’s complicated murder case.

“I haven’t spoke to Tru in a few weeks. I’m waiting on his call now, but the last time we spoke, his case was looking good. Right now, he’s in good spirits, he just misses his kids a lot. Other than that, he’s strong. If everything works out for him, he should be home any day now…I haven’t heard none of his new stuff yet. [Laughs] It’s funny because when I was locked up, I used to call him and we’d rap on the phone for hours. So the next time I catch him, he’s definitely gon’ have to spit something.” (VIBE)

Tru was officially indicted days after allegedly turning himself into police in summer 2009.

A rapper once signed by Jay-Z was indicted yesterday on a charge of fatally stabbing a man at Club Pacha in Hell’s Kitchen on June 15. Tru Life (real name Robert Rosado) is being held without bail for allegedly murdering Chris Guerrero, 20, and stabbing Jason Grey, 27, who is in critical condition. The rapper’s brother, Marcus, is being held for allegedly jumping in on the attack. (New York Post)

Check out Saigon speaking on Tru Life down below:

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