Max B Can’t Ride The Wave Outta Jail, Gets Bad News In Murder Case

Max B Can’t Ride The Wave Outta Jail, Gets Bad News In Murder Case

Fans hoping to see former Dipset affiliate Max B roaming the streets of New York City again will have to wait a bit longer as reports claim his murder conviction appeal got rejected in court today (August 30).

According to reports, an appeals panel put together a 52-page report standing by its decision.

An appeals court on Thursday upheld the murder conviction of a once rising Harlem rapper who is serving a 75-year term for masterminding a deadly robbery at a Fort Lee hotel six years ago. Wingate and Leerdam appealed their conviction, alleging trial errors and prosecutorial missteps. An appeals panel, however, upheld their convictions in a detailed 52-page opinion on Thursday. (North Jersey)

Reports also claim the earliest he could escape jail is in 2042.

He won’t be eligible for parole from Trenton State Prison until Nov. 9, 2042. Although he wasn’t at the scene, prosecutors said Wingate orchestrated the robbery/murder – enlisting his stepbrother to do the deed – and won the convictions thanks to testimony by Wingate’s ex-girlfriend, who was at the scene. The rapper, known by the New Jersey State Department of Corrections as “INM 641403,” repeatedly has said in prison interviews that he expected his appeal would be upheld. (Cliffview Pilot)

A few months ago, Max hinted at the possibility of becoming a free man.

“I’m about to touch down real soon,” Max B said in an interview with DJ Statik Selektah. “I come home, I’m on my contract situation, so yeah, there’s definitely going to be a Max Biggavel album. I’m gonna give ya’ll a couple Max Biggavel albums. I’m always going to be me and be in my own box, my own category. I’m second to none, I’m one of a kind. When I hit the town, I just can’t wait to get back into the studio. Ya’ll are gonna be thrilled. I’m trying to set my business straight, handle everything,” he continued, “get all my stuff in order because my shit was all over the place.” (ShowOff Radio)

In March, the wavy rapper spoke out against reports which claimed an appeal was rejected.

“I just need y’all to stop the fraudulent rumors, Bigga still right here,” Max said in an interview. “My sh*t ain’t get denied! I’m still waiting on the courts, but that thing right there, right around the corner, right, right around the corner. I was gonna give y’all n*ggas a special treat, I got some unreleased records that I was about to release. It just be a matter of time before I unleash the dragon, when I step out the can, I’ma be on my grown man sh*t.” (Hip Hop Connection)

Check out a recent Max B interview below:

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