Master P Talks C-Murder Appeal, “It Might Take Two To Three Years”

Master P Talks C-Murder Appeal, “It Might Take Two To Three Years”

In light of rapper C-Murder‘s current fight to appeal his recent life sentence, SOHH spoke with the emcee’s brother, Master P, to get his stance on the situation.

From P’s perspective, Murder’s rap image has played a major role on his legal battle.

“Your image can get you incarcerated and take a lot of things away from you,” P explained. “I think he realizes that right now and he definitely will be fighting an appeal but it takes times. It might take two to three years. He’s innocent from his crimes, everybody knows that but that goes to show you how your image and all the stuff from your past — it makes others think ‘Oh, you know this guy’s name is C-Murder, so he’s guilty.’ They don’t even look at, ‘Oh you wasn’t in the club, you didn’t pull the trigger.’ Man, your image can really describe your life.” (SOHH)

C-Murder’s financial woes have reportedly landed him the help of two Harvard attorneys who have agreed to assist with his appeal.

Though Miller himself has no income, property or savings, two Harvard lawyers have come to his defense, declaring him indigent so that he may make his appeal and access court records at no cost. The cost for the case records is $20,702, which Miller is unable to pay. His hearing is set for Dec. 10, but he also faces a civil suit for Thomas’ death. (The Boom Box)

According to a letter from Miller’s attorneys, the Southern emcee’s funds are limited.

Miller cannot afford the estimated $20,702.75 to pay for the entire case record and all hearing and pretrial hearing and trial transcripts and fees, according to a motion filed by attorneys Robert J. Smith and John Adcock. The transcripts would cost $17,335, the attorneys wrote. Miller would not have to pay the costs if Judge Hans Liljeberg of the 24th Judicial District Court declares him indigent. Miller is presumed to be indigent because he is incarcerated, does not own a vehicle or real estate or have income or savings, the attorneys wrote. They note that Miller’s trial attorney, Ron Rakosky, has not been paid. Rakosky withdrew from the case when Miller was sentenced Aug. 14. (NOLA News)

His life sentence was given to him over the summer in Louisiana.

Miller was formally sentenced to life in prison Friday for his conviction on the charge that he murdered a teenager in a Harvey nightclub in 2002. Judge Hans Liljeberg earlier denied a request for a re-trial made on behalf of Miller. Following the announcement of the sentence, Miller’s attorney filed a motion to appeal the verdict to the Court of Appeals. (WWLTV News)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Footage of C-Murder’s sister, Germaine Miller, and her reaction to her brother’s life sentence landed online last summer:

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