Master P Says Ughhhh & Names Best Rapper Out: “There’s No Other Artist On The Street Hotter Than Him”

Master P Says Ughhhh & Names Best Rapper Out: “There’s No Other Artist On The Street Hotter Than Him”

No Limit Records founder Master P recently stepped up to speak on his newly formed Louie V Mob rap crew and why group member Alley Boy will live up to the hype.

In Master P’s perspective, the Atlanta rapper is the best artist coming from the streets these days.

“I feel there’s no other artist on the street hotter than him, making the type of music he makes,” Master P told MTV News of Alley Boy, who was seated right beside him. “I thought it was only right for this mob, what we’re building over here and what he’s already created with Duct tape. This is my partner, Fat Trel is my partner so, this the next generation of No Limit Forever, the revolution.” (MTV)

Alley also discussed his new alignment and being able to break bread with a hip-hop mogul.

Alley is excited by the chance to work with a veteran of P’s stature. He likens the pairing to the management deal that Rick Ross and Diddy struck back in 2010. “I’m just happy I stayed true to myself and did what I wanted to do and went about it the way I wanted to go about it. P shined on me,” he said. “It’s just a good stamp. It was an honor. We built a relationship before anything… the music was second, the relationship was first.” (MTV)

The threesome’s collective music started buzzing a few weeks ago after the release of their “Dope Case” record.

What kind of fantasy-football rap world do we live in where Louie V Mob, a “supergroup” of sorts (by whose standards, exactly, is unclear), consisting of New Orleans crack -ap party legend Master P, knotty DC hardhead Fat Trel (who hasn’t lived up to his potential), and last real ATL rapper alive Alley Boy is allowed to happen? This is both a very, very big deal and totally just a work-a-day collabo. It’s also a millionaire putting on a ski mask and playing thug, but that’s okay. Be happy it exists. On “Dope Case,” we have 2013’s version of Ice Burgandy’s “PMBB,” an undeniable, slow-rolling street anthem hindered by the fact that it’s 2013 and, well, street anthems reside only on DatPiff. (SPIN)

Last year, music producer Mike D spoke to SOHH about working with Alley Boy and his perceived issues with fellow Southern artists T.I. and Young Jeezy.

“Not really,” Mike told SOHH when asked if he was suprised by the “I Want In” lyrics. “It’s like the way I see it, and I can only speak for me, artists have been around for years doing their thing, eating well, doing numbers and it’s like the record is saying, ‘Let me in.’ It’s time. You know what I’m saying? It’s time for something new. It’s time for something fresh. It’s no disrespect. I guess it’s pretty much like the song says, ‘I want in.’ … He actually has two records with Jeezy. All I can say, and like I said this is only my opinion, it could just be cats playing chess. [laughs] You know, it could be cats playing chess. Alley Boy would definitely be the person to speak to to find out for sure.” (SOHH)

Check out Louie V Mob’s “Dope Case”:

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