Mashonda Won’t Let Swizz Beatz Go, “I Kept My Last Name For My Son’s Sake”

Mashonda Won’t Let Swizz Beatz Go, “I Kept My Last Name For My Son’s Sake”

R&B singer Mashonda has decided to retain her ex-husband Swizz Beatz‘s last name, Dean, despite going through a public divorce with him earlier this year.

Mashonda said she will, however, eventually change her last name if she re-marries.

“I hate that when [Swizz and Alicia Keys are] doing something I always come up. I can’t wait for the day when we’re both in our own worlds. I’m a separate person and just want my own identity…I do [keep our name]. I kept my last name for my son’s sake, until I remarry. There’s no need to rush to change it… that just complicates things for my son. That would be so petty of me. The only thing that could change [my last name] is a really good man.” (VIBE)

Earlier this year, Mashonda filed a lawsuit against Beatz in New York.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Mashonda Dean says the man who officially became her ex-husband two weeks ago already owes her $334,000 in missed payments. “I so much wanted both of us to get on with our lives and maintain our respect for one another, but he now shows that his priorities and sense of responsibility are screwed up,” R&B singer Dean said. Dean’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, called the nonpayment “particularly troubling” because of reports that Beatz bought a seven-carat engagement ring for Alicia Keys earlier this year and that they’re moving into a $14.5 million duplex penthouse on Crosby Street. (NY Post)

Beatz later met his ex’s demands and paid the requested child support debt.

Beatz was accused of falling behind on his alimony and child support responsibilities for the former couple’s three-year-old son, Kasseem Jr. The producer was due to appear before a judge in New York’s Manhattan Supreme Court in June (10) to answer the allegations, but Mashonda’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, has confirmed Beatz has paid up the $334,000 debt and the court date has now been canceled. Beatz separated from Mashonda in 2008 after four years of marriage. (Singersroom)

Beatz is now engaged to R&B superstar Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys is in a motherhood state of mind: She’s pregnant with her first child. The Grammy Award-winning R&B singer has been dating producer Swizz Beatz, who has written hits for Beyonce (bee-AHN’-say), Jay-Z and others. They’re engaged to be married at a private ceremony later this year. Representatives for the couple confirmed the news Thursday night. (Associated Press)

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