Mannie Fresh Unleashes His Side Cash, Money Hustle, “I Deejay My A** Off Dude”

Mannie Fresh Unleashes His Side Cash, Money Hustle, “I Deejay My A** Off Dude”

Rap mogul Dr. Dre is not the only successful producer going back to his past career as a deejay as former Cash Money Records artist Mannie Fresh has revealed his recent run at stepping behind the turntables.

According to Fresh, he has been deejaying at multiple spots as of late.

“I deejay []. I deejay my a** off, dude. Like, I’m all over the place these days. That’s what I started from, and that’s where I’m at right now. And, the cool thing about the deejay game is it tells you everything that’s going on in music, what people liking. Before the Bonnaroo thing was sold as it was a reunion for me and [Lil] Wayne, really I was hired to deejay at Bonnaroo. It just so happens he was there as well as me.” (Hip Hop DX)

Recently, Dr. Dre talked about wanting to go back into deejaying.

It’s no secret that Dre has been fine-tuning is long-awaited Detoxalbum, but what fans may not know is that the former N.W.A producer has at least thought about returning to the DJ booth. “I’ve actually been talking about it a little bit; dusting my hands off and getting back in the DJ scene,” he said. “We’ll see what’s up with that in the future.” (MTV)

Last year, fellow hip-hop producer Lil Jon talked about stepping behind the turntables on the road.

“Eventually TVT folded and I got off the label,” Jon explained in an interview. “I got signed to Universal Republic about a year ago and I went back to the studio and started working on the album again and I had a whole new energy, new vibe, from being on the road deejaying and just from taking some time off, clearing my mind. So now I’m done, we’re officially ready. It’s not like, ‘We’re almost done,’ I’m just working on like one or the last two songs but all of my vocals are done except for one song. [It’s still called]Crunk Rock.” (DJ Ekin)

Emcee-turned-deejay DJ Stimulus recently talked to SOHH about falling in love with the turntables.

“The reason I fell into deejaying is because I love music so much. Back at the crib, I found it was more interesting to play the records than listen to the radio with the commercials and hearing the songs go in a certain order. I’ve been deejaying for quite a long time and for the most part, depending on the year and depending on the audience, some people know me more [for one entity as opposed to] the other. Deejaying goes almost as far back as rhyming for me. It’s really about my love for the culture. I love making music and I love music that other people make which is where the deejay in me comes about.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out some recent Mannie Fresh footage below:

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