Man Comes Forward After Gucci Mane Mall Fight: “He Grabbed My Wife’s Behind” [Audio]

Man Comes Forward After Gucci Mane Mall Fight: “He Grabbed My Wife’s Behind” [Audio]

The man responsible for nearly exchanging fists with troubled rapper Gucci Mane in an Atlanta mall has stepped forward to address what really went down last week.

An aspiring singer named Show appeared on hip-hop personality Big Tigger‘s radio broadcast to speak on the incident.

“I want everybody in Atlanta to know that what y’all saw in that video, that’s not my character. I really don’t get out of my zone like that, but I do want the world to know that Gucci is a very, very disrespectful brother. I want you to know that this goes back to a couple of years. … This goes back to when my wife was working with the DA and Gucci grabbed my wife’s behind. I was locked up at the time. We bumped into each other about a year ago when he had his goons with him and he tried to show out with his goons. I saw him at the Lenox Mall yesterday as I’m selling my CDs, and I walked up to Gucci with the CD in his face and the first thing he said when he recognized who I was, he said, ‘Make a move. Throw your hands.'” (“The Big Tigger Show”)

The previously unknown man credited his wife for helping break up the near-physical altercation.

“I said, ‘I ain’t here to fight. I ain’t trying to fight.’ He said, ‘I don’t do pictures,’ I said, ‘I ain’t ask you for no picture, cuz.’ He said, ‘I ain’t no homosexual, I like women.’ I said, ‘Hold on Gucci, you ain’t got to disrespect me.’ He said, ‘Well, move your hands then.’ I’m from Detroit, Michigan. When somebody tells you to make a move, you make a move. Gucci didn’t want to do nothing. He ran behind my wife. Y’all see in the video that he’s in his little boxing stance, but y’all gotta see the whole thing when I really told Gucci how I really felt about him. … By the way, that lady that had that baby that broke that up, I want everybody to know that that’s my wife and that’s my son. My wife knew what I was getting ready to do to Gucci and she wanted to prevent that.” (“The Big Tigger Show”)

Footage of the incident started to make its rounds online a few days ago.

Gucci Mane may have deleted his Twitter profile page, but his name continues to pop up in social media. Caught on Instagram video, the “Lemonade” rapper hit a sour note with a man at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Ga., as he nearly got into an altercation with a fellow shopper. Reports say that the shopper had a few words for Gucci Mane, which later led to the pair putting their fighting stance into action, but fortunately no blows were thrown. (VIBE)

Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross recently said he hoped the ATL rapper would reach out to him personally if there were any real issues in light of him melting down on Twitter.

“You know, as far as, you know, if somebody needs some help, they need to get it. You know what I’m saying? As far as when you jump out there, when you jump off that porch, you jump. You know what I’m saying? Me and homie, we was always cool. We’ll see. I haven’t spoke to dog. At the end of the day, for one, I don’t move with that Twitter talk. I’m a $50 million dude. I don’t move by Twitter talk and all that. You know what I’m saying? Real dudes, they make up. Even if it’s a problem, they get on the line. You know, on Twitter, you’ll never see Rozay really jump off the porch with Twitter. Regardless, I’m not an emotional person like that.” (Hot 97)

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Check out the interview and altercation footage:

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