Mama Jones Watches Jimmy’s Back, “I Don’t Like Nobody That Dates My Son”

Mama Jones Watches Jimmy’s Back, “I Don’t Like Nobody That Dates My Son”

Dipset rapper Jim Jones‘ mother, Nancy, spoke on her son’s dating habits and what family plans she envisions for her baby boy down the road.

Speaking to radio host Angela Yee about Jimmy’s girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, Ms. Jones said they have good and bad days.

“It’s an up and down thing,” she explained. “If you notice I’m the wicked b*tch. I don’t like nobody that dates my son. But you know what? I do give them the benefit of the doubt. I just want to make sure that my baby is cool and good…When I say ‘them’ I’m talking about even going back in the future because for a moment, even when he was with his baby mama, it was a little kind of feeling there too. Kind of jealous heart but I want the best.” (Power 105.1)

Chrissy recently opened up about trying to tie the knot with Jones.

“I did it to let him know that I love him enough and I am proud and happy enough to display that to the world,” Lampkin explained in an interview. “That’s what that’s about. Eventually, we will get married. Am I rushing it? No. Of course people have opinions about me asking him to marry me, but I felt it was the right thing to do. I love him enough and I wanted to share that. It’s how I felt and what I wanted. You need to know what you’re doing with your life. You need to have direction. If that thing doesn’t happen the traditional way, it still needs to happen. So why waste your time? I figured I would cut to the chase. What are we waiting for? We talk about it a lot, so it’s not like it was something that wasn’t going to happen. I felt comfortable enough to ask him. It’s not like it was something that was never talked about and I jumped out the window with it. I knew that it was something we both wanted. I didn’t mind being the first one to step up. We’ve been together almost seven years.” (Necole Bitchie)

Last week, Jones spoke to SOHH about Chrissy’s new “Love & Hip-Hop” reality show originally being centered on him.

“‘Love & Hip-Hop’ was initially my TV show that [VH1] has been trying to do for about four years now. But for three years prior, they had been trying to get me to do this reality show and they shot a pilot. I wasn’t really feeling the pilot, because I felt the camera was too much on me and showing too much of my life as far as Jim Jones is concerned. So we had re-evaluated the situation.” (SOHH)

Jim also said he offered VH1 an opportunity to gain his support if they found a way for Chrissy to get her own show.

“My lady had an opportunity to shoot a pilot too, but the pilot she shot kind of fell through and she took interest in the whole realityshow thing. So I went over to VH1 and told them if they want me to put my involvement in a TV show, or all of my involvement, they need to do a show behind her and I’ll do it. I also said I’d find a way to participate in it to make sure it’ll be a success. And that’s really how the whole show came together. They went and got Olivia, Emily and the girl Somaya. Then they put them around Chrissy and now you have ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’ Two episodes in and it’s feeling like a sitcom.” (SOHH)

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