Maino To NY Rappers, “What New Artist From NY Has Music That’s Rapping, Not Singing?” [Video]

Maino To NY Rappers, “What New Artist From NY Has Music That’s Rapping, Not Singing?” [Video]

Maino recently spoke on his aim to help bring the New York City rap scene forward and explained why he feels he’s the future of the Big Apple rap.

Speaking with hip-hop personality Devi Dev, Maino broke down why he plans to carry New York on his back.

“When you think of New York, you think of certain artists that have been around for years,” Maino explained in an interview. “I don’t have no problems with them because they paved the way for a dude like me. But all I’m saying is they’ve done what they’ve done already. They made their mark in the game, they made their money, they made the opportunities, they fed their family, it’s time to bring New York forward…I feel like right now I’m the future. I’m one of the new faces of New York, if not the only one right now. What other new artist you seeing from New York who has music that’s rapping, not singing?” (Hard Knock TV)

Ja Rule recently co-signed Maino’s overall sound.

“We fighting against other genres,” Rule declared in an interview. “We fightin’ against motherf*ckin’ rock. We fightin’ against pop. We fightin’ against these other genres of music. We need to be together as a whole and not separating ourselves between West and East and South. I think New York is making a strong comeback right now. I think we doin’ our thing, we got Maino, we got Red Cafe. I think New York is making a surgence. I got my acts outta New York, I’m coming with a crazy album right now. But you know as a whole, it’s not about New York…it’s about hip-hop.” (57th Ave)

Jadakiss also spoke earlier this year on the decline in rap music quality coming from the Big Apple in recent years.

“New York took a hit when everybody started getting money,” Kiss said in an interview. “Everybody was doing alright in record sales. Everybody had some success but then the ego started playing a part. From then, nobody wanted to do songs with each other. N*ggas were on some, ‘I’m not f*cking with that n*gga. I’m not doing that!’ That hurt everybody in a whole and everybody stopped dropping albums. Then wherever, the South, the West came, linked up, and collected that money for certain amont of years. I just feel like this is going to give everybody some sense of inspiration to come. you got Fab[olous] coming. You got more north artists that’s gon’ come back. you know Red [Cafe] is doing his thing. Maino is doing his thing. This gon’ give everybody motivation to put music out, so then, nobody has to sit down and complain.” (Hip Hop Game)

Along with his upcoming debut album later this month, Maino recently dropped a new documentary called Unstoppable.

“A lot of industry people didn’t believe in me when I first started pounding the streets,” he said via a statement. “Many said I wouldn’t make it off of mixtapes, now look…my album is dropping June 30th. Haters inspired me to write my last two hit records. Unstoppable is the story of my life and struggles to get to the position I’m in now. I had a rough life growing up and nothing ever happened the way it was supposed to happen to me, so I’m accustomed to being turned down.” (Statement)

If Tomorrow Comes is currently scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, June 30th via Atlantic Records.

Check out Maino’s interview below:

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