Maino Shot Down At Live Rap Concert? “Na B*tches. I’m Good” [Video]

Maino Shot Down At Live Rap Concert? “Na B*tches. I’m Good” [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Maino has come forward to clear the air on reports and rumors circulating online claiming he recently suffered a gun shot wound during a live performance.

Maino hopped on Twitter Monday (July 2) to nix the shooting gossip.

“Shot who? I’m bare foot in the Spur! Nigga!,” he tweeted.

“That’s a scene from a movie that some F*ckwad filmed on his phone and put out like I got shot in real life. Na B*tches. I’m good” (Maino’s Twitter)

He also talked to hip-hop personality Miss Info to kill the hype.

Maino told me that the video clip actually shows a scene from a Benny Boom movie that he just filmed last week. Apparently, someone on set captured cellphone footage then used it to start speculation that Maino had gotten shot in real life. In the film, which is called Dice City, Maino is performing as himself, gets shot, and is even wearing fake-blood dye packs to get the full gory effect…. Man! Not cool. Lol. Glad everything is okay, though. (Miss Info TV)

Speculation of the live performance shooting surfaced online Monday afternoon.

A video recently surfaced of Brooklyn rapper Maino getting shot while performing. While making it rain during his performance, a single shot was fired hitting Maino in his upper torso area. In the video you can hear him yell, “Oh Sh*t!” while ducking for cover. (Global Grind)

A couple years ago, Maino took part in a New York City rally against gun violence.

Rapper Jim Jones will join hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons to pound the streets of New York later in August as part of an anti-violence rally. Big Apple natives Jones and Simmons will be joined by Fat Joe, Maino, and Juelz Santana on the Tsunami of Peace: Ride, Walk & Rally Against Violence protest against the rise of gun crime in some of the city’s toughest areas. (Ace Showbiz)

Check out the fake shooting below:

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