Maino Exposes NY Rappers: “N*ggas Here In My City Soft” [Video]

Maino Exposes NY Rappers: “N*ggas Here In My City Soft” [Video]

New York rapper Maino is making local hip-hop artists look at themselves in the mirror after calling Empire State emcees out for not standing up and representing their city in light of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Control” bars.

In Maino’s opinion, the image and state of New York rappers is so weak Kendrick felt no concern over proclaiming himself the Big Apple’s king.

“Nah, nah,” Maino said in an interview when asked if he would make a response to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ lyrics. “I look at it different. I look at it kind of like, as a city, right, I look at not what he said but what would make him say that. I feel like dude’s like at the city like it’s sweet. We look weak, somehow, for dudes to take those kinds of shots. I like Kendrick, I like his music. I think it was about some hip-hop sh*t but at the same time, n*ggas over here wouldn’t dare said that about LA. They know better. N*ggas wouldn’t dare say that about Detroit ’cause they know. N*ggas wouldn’t dare have said nothing about Chicago because it’s a certain kind of stigma that comes with these places. I think n*ggas here in my city soft, man. To be honest.” (Sway In The Morning)

Last week, the Brooklyn rapper said New York emcees have no one to blame but themselves for allowing K. Dot to feel confident enough to go for the NY title.

“It’s kind of good that it happened because I feel like here, we kind of did a lot of d*ck-sucking, a lot of c*ck-licking for a long time,” Maino explained. “We lost our culture, it’s no such thing as a New York sound anymore. Look at Kendrick Lamar’s perspective though. Here’s a guy from Cali, he comes here, he had the number one album in the country at one point, he comes here, he sells out Roseland Ballroom, he gets more spins on New York radio than New York artists. If I was doing it in LA, I’d be the King of LA too. So, from a competitive rap standpoint, I see where he was able to say that at.” (Street Heat TV)

This week, Harlem’s A$AP Rocky did gave his take on K. Dot’s lyrics.

“He named a lot of n*ggas,” A$AP said in an interview. “I feel like, I mean, that ‘King of New York’ sh*t, you smoking crack, you’re crazy, you know what I mean? Honestly though, K. Dot and them n*ggas, that’s fam. I think hip-hop needs this sh*t. It’s n*ggas who’s pissed off just because they wasn’t mentioned. … I’m not justifiying sh*t, rap is rap, my n*gga. N*gga didn’t say nothing about nobody mother — he didn’t say he want problems. He said, ‘These are my n*ggas and I’m letting y’all know it’s competition.’ What’s the problem? That man know I’m where he at. I feel like all the rappers making disses and responses — I’ma keep it a buck, it’s not even about being relevant because hip-hop ain’t about relevance, man. It’s all about the sport, it’s all about the culture.” (Hot 97)

Also this week, Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon said the only one who could wear the “King of New York” crown is the late Notorious B.I.G.

“All I’ma say is that n*ggas know he ain’t the ‘King of New York’,” Rae said in an interview. “The King of New York, to me, is in the ground and that’s B.I.G. That’s the n*gga that came from the bottom, for real, and really earned that position in the game to be called that. I think son, dude was rhyming, having fun. He was feeling his d*ck, however he was doing it. He was just expressing himself. I think you’re supposed to feel like that on wax.” (Itz Bizkit)

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Check out Maino’s interview:

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