Maino Explains Sophomore Album, “It’s More About What I’m Going Through Now” [Video]

Maino Explains Sophomore Album, “It’s More About What I’m Going Through Now” [Video]

New York rapper Maino has opened up about his forthcoming sophomore album, Day After Tomorrow, and how its content ranks compared to his debut solo project.

Aiming for a summer release, Maino said the album’s content would primarily focus on his highs and lows as an artist since entering rap’s spotlight around 2008.

“Now we on our second album, we rocking,” Maino said in an interview with DJ Green Lantern. “We making music, I’m touring, I’m all over the country, I’m all over the world, so, unstoppable, I’m never gonna stop…We working, second album we’re dropping in June, again — a lot of things changed in my life, I’m living different now, doing different things — my first album was about the transition I was making coming from prison to the street and then I had this dream, I wanted to be an artist…Now it’s more about what I’m going through now and what my lifestyle is now, things that are happening to me and for me today…” (DJ Green Lantern/Hip Hop Nation)

Last January, Maino hinted at the album coming around the second quarter of music releases.

“Everything is digital,” he said in an interview this week. “You got the freedom to take four to five songs, get ‘em cleared and throw it up on iTunes and get people to buy it. At the same time, you’re creating the heat, generating the interest and go into your second album. That’s the plan. Consistency is the key to success, in my eyes. You look at a lot of these great artists — you look at T.I., you look at [Lil] Wayne, you look at Jay-Z — all them were consistent…[My next album is] called The Day After Tomorrow. I never told it to nobody else. So it’s an excusive. You got it right now. This summer, guaranteed.” (MTV)

His debut, If Tomorrow Comes, opened in the Top 50 last year.

“Hi Hater” hitmaker Maino’s long-awaited If Tomorrow Comes… album also debuted this week resting at No. 25. With a week under his belt, the Brooklyn, New York-bred emcee’s debut has sold 18,300 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Outside of music, the rapper is reportedly working on a reality show.

“All I’mma say is I shot something and it’ll be out in a few months,” Maino told radio host Jenny Boom Boom. “I’m sneaky, I feel like a lot of people sleep on me and I like to sneak up on them and just hit them with stuff that just comes out of nowhere. So I don’t like to just really put out my moves where they see me coming. I’m a thinker, so I try to strategize my moves and not really put them on blast because as long as a person is sleeping, he puts me at the advantage. [Expect a new album] very soon. Like I said, the movement is not stopping any time soon. As long as you keep playing them records, we’re gonna keep grinding and we gonna keep making videos…” (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Check out Maino speaking on his new album below:

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