Maino Defends Calling Out Twitter Hater, “You’re A Little Girl & I’m A Grown Man” [Video]

Maino Defends Calling Out Twitter Hater, “You’re A Little Girl & I’m A Grown Man” [Video]

After catching heads in late December for publicly calling out a Twitter hater, Maino has stepped forward to clarify his motivation for addressing a critical hip-hop fan in a New Jersey mall.

According to Maino, he did not intentionally stalk the female critic just to air her out.

“I seen a lot of comments about that and it looks like I actually confronted her,” Maino explained in an interview with DJ Green Lantern referencing his showdown. “It looks like I tracked her down and found her. That’s not what happened. She was [tweeting] in front of me. I happened to be in the store and was looking at my phone on Twitter and then she was [tweeting] and I happened to see the first tweet. Then I looked at her and I saw her. I walked by and looked at her, she was with her boyfriend, and she tweeted again. And I was watching her — like a couple feet away from me.” (Hip Hop Nation)

The New York rapper also said there was no ill will behind his confrontation.

“I just wanted to have a conversation with her because you know people sometimes see rappers or artists and they think, sometimes, they ‘need’ to say certain things about them,” Maino added. “Maybe you not a Maino fan but at the same time I’m a human. I’m just minding my business. Now I could see if I was in the store being out of pocket but I think I handled that with humility. I think I was a gentleman about it. I actually spoke to her like she was my little sister. It was more or less like, ‘You don’t really have to do that. You don’t have to be that way.’ … I thought it was interesting that she was doing it and didn’t know that I knew. All I did was turn around, walk a couple more steps to her and said, ‘How you doing? I know that you’re [tweeting] about me. But you don’t really got to do that. You’re a little girl and I’m a grown man.'” (Hip Hop Nation)

Footage of the one-on-one face-off landed online in late December.

Ed Lover & Rapper Maino were doing some Holiday Shopping in Short Hills Mall in NJ, when a female fan named Brina not to happy with Maino not honoring her request for an autograph, decided to tweet about it. Maino who is never one to bite his tongue, decided to address her. The look on her face is priceless! (Karen Civil)

Outside of Twitter, Maino recently appeared in New York to speak out against gun violence.

Amid the gripping news of escalating gun violence in New York City, pioneering hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and formerly incarcerated Brooklyn rapper Maino took to the streets with local community leader Erica Ford on Wednesday (January 19) for the second annual Peace Week rally. Gathering on the steps of New York’s City Hall, Simmons and Maino spoke to a gathering of concerned citizens, elected officials, media and the families of the victims of the city’s deadly crime spike. Joining forces with Ms. Ford, who organized the rally in tandem with her I Love My Life and Life Camp non-profit organizations, Simmons’ commanding and urgent pleas to the crowd were direct and resonant. (RapFix)

Check out Maino’s interview and the confrontation footage below:

MAINO | DJ GREEN LANTERN | INVASION SHOW from Executive Nick on Vimeo.

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