Maino Calls Rihanna A ‘Bad’ Chick, “She’s Got A Little Nasty Mouth” [Video]

Maino Calls Rihanna A ‘Bad’ Chick, “She’s Got A Little Nasty Mouth” [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Maino has revealed his attraction toward R&B superstar Rihanna and why her nasty mouth makes up for any physical qualities she may lack.

When asked who he feels is one of the most sexually appealing women in the music industry, Maino was quick to name RiRi.

“As far as like, the singing [women] and all that, right, I think Rihanna’s a bad chick,” Maino revealed in an interview. “Like, you know what I mean, some people may say [other women]. But [I like] everything. Her fashion, her style, you know what I mean? She’s got a little nasty mouth. Like, I like all that. You understand? She be saying some crazy sh*t sometimes. You know what I mean? Which is cool. N*gga, I ain’t got a problem with it. I ain’t here to be judging nobody. I love it. Rihanna, I would have to give it to her. I hear people say, ‘Well, she really ain’t a dime.’ N*gga, you ain’t even got a dime so what the f*ck you talking about? Know what I’m saying? So you know, it’s the overall. She’s sexy. You understand.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this year, R&B singer Lloyd said his dream Valentine’s Day date would be with Rihanna.

“Yeah, I’d take Rihanna to the sex store,” Lloyd jokingly revealed. “Nah [seriously], I’d take Rihanna to the adult story so she could pick out a toy since she likes s&m so much. You know.” (SOHH)

Midwest rapper XV also named RiRi as his V-Day hopeful.

“Man, the biggest crush right now, I would have to say that girl Rihanna,” XV revealed. “Yeah, Rihanna’s got this red hair right now and it’s just kind of working…I was never a big fan of Rihanna but I saw this picture of her [last Christmas] and she was real laid back and I was like, ‘That chick’s bad.’ [laughs] … She seems like she might be really cool. That’s the thing that’s really dope about her.” (SOHH)

While reportedly currently single, Rihanna recently revealed her attraction toward women.

Hollywood TV caught up with Rihanna the other night in LA and asked her about the rumors that she’s dating actor Ryan Phillipe. She jokingly responded, “No, I hate to burst your bubble but I’m dating girls”. When asked if the “girl” in question was Nicki Minaj, she responded “”I wish! Her butt is perfect.” Good comeback. (Necole Bitchie)

Check out Maino speaking on Rihanna below:

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