Ma$e Experiences Mo’ Money & Mo’ Problems, Sued For $35K Over Unpaid Jewelry

Ma$e Experiences Mo’ Money & Mo’ Problems, Sued For $35K Over Unpaid Jewelry

Former Bad Boy Records rapper Ma$e is still living to the tune of “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” as new reports claim he owes $35,000 for unpaid jewelry.

According to reports, Ma$e’s financial crunch dates back over six years ago.

Getting sued for $35,000 definitely does not feel so good to rapper Mase — especially when he claims he doesn’t even have any obligation to pay the money in the first place! Mase has been fighting an ongoing legal battle with Aydin and Company, a jeweler in Atlanta, since the summer. According to legal docs filed in Georgia, they claim Mase owes them $35,000 dating alllllll the way back to 2005. (TMZ)

While the matter remains unsettled, the Harlem, New York-bred rapper has reportedly refuted the jeweler’s claim.

According to court filings, the jewelers haven’t been able to serve Mase with legal papers after trying multiple times at his Georgia home — each time being turned away by staff who say he isn’t there. They claim he’s been ducking them for months and they had a process server file an affidavit in the case … stating Mase is “evading service.” For his part, Mase filed papers asking for the suit to be dismissed … claiming improper service and the fact that he never signed the “alleged contract at issue in case.” The jewelers want their money, attorneys fees and 1.5% interest per month on the money he owes. A judge has yet to make a ruling. (TMZ)

Last April, Dipset’s Jim Jones talked to SOHH about wanting to catch up with the elusive rapper-turned-pastor.

“I haven’t seen Betha or any sh*t like that,” Jones told SOHH referring to Mason “Mase” Betha. “But you know, it would be good to see Betha. Maybe we could go and play basketball with him or something because I ain’t seen Betha in a minute. We all came from the same hood, above all. Money sometimes separates the closest of friends but we grown at this point. I ain’t got nothing against Betha.” (SOHH)

In 2009, the former Bad Boy Records star discussed grinding out new records.

“I’m just excited man,” Mase said in an interview. “I’m excited. Mike [Jackson] passed away, it just lit the fire up under me, made me wanna go to the studio and do something. So I asked my little nephew, ‘Who is the hottest thing out there?’ He said Drake and I said I got to see what record he got and when I listened to it I said ‘Okay, I’ma jump on the joint.’ And I called Suge up and he was like, ‘Please let me get that record, please let me get that record.’ So I said ‘Who you gonna give it to?’ And he said you gotta give that to DJ Self. [laughs] If you play it, [you’ll get more records from me.] If you play it, you know I stay with a couple things under my sleeve, I just need some place to play ‘em. Big shout-outs to Diddy, shout-outs to 50 [Cent], big shout-outs to the whole Harlem, Cam, Jim and all them.” (Power 105.1)

Check out a past Mase interview below:

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