Made Ya Look? Katt Williams Victims Speak: “He Went Inside & Pulled Out 2 Big Guns”

Made Ya Look? Katt Williams Victims Speak: “He Went Inside & Pulled Out 2 Big Guns”

Hollywood actor Katt Williams may have some serious problems on his head this holiday weekend as multiple people have come forward to claim they were, in fact, assaulted by him earlier in the week. #MadeYaLook

Despite a denial from Katt, the latest reports claim Williams showed off his aggressive side following a Comedy Store appearance in California.

But the 4 alleged victims tell us … they have nothing to do with gangs. They were outside the club shooting a documentary, “From the Hood to Hollywood.” They say they spotted Katt and asked if they could shoot him for the doc, but he angrily said no. They claim a woman then pulled up, popped the trunk, Katt went inside and pulled out 2 big guns … then walked over to their car and smashed in the window with the butt of one of the guns. The guy who was driving says the glass shattered and he suffered cuts. The 4 filmmakers say Katt can expect a lawsuit. (TMZ)

According to Williams, local thugs assaulted him earlier in the week.

Katt tells TMZ … he was actually the victim … verbally attacked and threatened by 4 gangbangers who repeatedly called him “Cuz” … Crip slang referring to the rival Bloods gang. The comedian goes on to say things got physical when the 4 guys followed him to his car and began assaulting him. But Katt says he never pulled a gun … never even had one. So the 911 call reporting he was brandishing a weapon is absurd … or so he says. (TMZ)

Williams reportedly turned into a no-show by the time law enforcement arrived to the area.

At that point someone called 911 — reporting a man with a gun at the Comedy Store — and 6 cop cars raced to the Sunset Strip. Deputies pointed shot guns and bean bag guns at the club as they prepared for a confrontation. Turns out … Katt had already left. So far no arrest warrant has been issued for Katt. Cops tell us they’re still investigating. (TMZ)

A couple years ago, Katt unofficially announced his retirement from the comedy scene.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from stand-up,” Williams said in an interview. “I’m kinda done. This is, yeah, I’ve already discussed it with my kids. I wasn’t really gonna do it on a Seattle street, I was gonna go to Los Angeles and do it in the offices of ICM or Live Nation.” (KOMO)


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