Machine Gun Kelly Unloads Kid Cudi’s Rage Disses, “I’m Not About To Set My City Back 10 Years” [Video]

Machine Gun Kelly Unloads Kid Cudi’s Rage Disses, “I’m Not About To Set My City Back 10 Years” [Video]

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly has killed hype surrounding his recent heated exchange with Kid Cudi over the term “raging” and said he refuses to entertain a possible full fledged beef.

Kelly believes arguing over a single word is reason enough to get back making music.

“There’s no issue on my end,” Kelly promised in an interview. “That just shows me I’m doing something. That just shows me other motherf*ckers aren’t doing something when you got time to sit there and be mad about a motherf*cker using a word that everyone uses — You can come to one of my shows and see who wakes people the f*ck up. It’s me and that’s what raging is. Raging is being yourself and turning all that negative energy into a positive and partying…I’m not about to set my city back ten years by starting a beef with a motherf*cker in my city even though that motherf*cker’s never in the city. It actually just pissed me off. It’s a word. You didn’t start the word and I didn’t start the word. It’s a f*cking word. Just like let’s see who does it best and it’s clearly the f*cking fans that are at my shows. It’s no issue.” (Karen Civil)

Last week, Cudi said he should be credited as the rage originator.

“There’s only one original Rager, and thats me. I started this ‘rage’ sh*,” he wrote August 26th. “The lifestyle, the term, the whole new meaning and definition of the word. Understand and be clear, IAM THE RAGER, IAM FOREVER. When you hear ANYONE talking bout ‘rage’ or ‘raging’, know where that sh*t originated. Guess ima have to do some trademarkin’. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. WE LIVE THIS SH*T!” (Kid Cudi’s Tumblr)

The words caught wind of Kelly who defended his contribution to raging.

Shortly after the post also simultaneously posted on Cudi’s Twitter (@WizardCud), Cleveland newcomer Machine Gun Kelly responded with an angry tweet, calling Cudi “jealous”, most likely for his quick rise. “If i was you, i’d hate me too…you jealous muf*cka. 216 what up. EST what up. lace the f*** up,” wrote Kelly (@MachineGunKelly). “Headed to the show, hereeeeee we go AZ lemme see what kind of #powerRAGERS yall are working with.” (BallerStatus)

In August, MGK talked to SOHH and explained the essence of his Rage movement.

“Raging is just about taking a bunch of pent up anger and turning it into crazy antics on-stage,” Kelly explained to SOHH. “It’s just a chance for a 30-minute, hour-long show to free yourself. It’s about freeing yourself and being whatever you want. Whether it’s pulling your boobs out, yelling, or just bleeding everywhere. Whatever. You choose your own form of rage.” (SOHH)

Check out Machine Gun Kelly’s interview below:

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