Machine Gun Kelly Spits Vodka In Female Fan’s Mouth, Kicked Out Of Rock The Bells [Video]

Machine Gun Kelly Spits Vodka In Female Fan’s Mouth, Kicked Out Of Rock The Bells [Video]

Bad Boy Records’ Machine Gun Kelly is living up to his “Wild Boy” persona as new footage has now surfaced online and shows him spitting vodka into a female concertgoers mouth.

Footage of last weekend’s Rock the Bells antics hit the Internet early Thursday (August 23).

More like Shotgun Kelly … 22-year-old rapper MGK threw back a giant shot of vodka during a concert in L.A. this weekend — then SPAT IT INTO SOME CHICK’S MOUTH … and TMZ has the bizarre footage. The rapper was performing at the Rock the Bells festival in San Bernardino Sunday — when he took a massive swig out of a vodka bottle, then walked into the crowd with the liquid still in his mouth. (TMZ)

Shortly after the incident, MGK reportedly got kicked out of the California event.

Once he found his lady target — using boob-dar — MGK mother-birded the booze into the girl’s anxiously-awaiting maw. It’s pretty disgusting. Thankfully, the girl loved it. A rep for Rock the Bells tells TMZ … MGK was kicked out of the event following the performance … but it wasn’t because of the vodka swig … it was due to an “action that happened backstage.” So far, details surrounding the “action” that got him booted are unclear. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Kells admitted without a music career he likely would have spent time behind bars.

Thank God Machine Gun Kelly chose rap. If it weren’t for the beats and rhymes, the Cleveland, Ohio, spitter wouldn’t have linked with Diddy, but could’ve become a bad boy of a different kind. “If I wasn’t an artist, I’ll probably be in jail,” MGK told MTV. “Probably. I make a lot of dumb decisions in life.” Luckily, MGK spends most of his time spitting bars than behind them, and that’s why he was chosen to represent the MTV Jams’ Fab 5 class of 2012. (MTV)

Outside of vodka-swapping, the rapper is now gearing up for his forthcoming Bad Boy Records solo debut.

“”Lace Up” the Album officially releases in stores October 9th!!! Pre-order at !! LTFU,” he tweeted August 7th.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen Lace Up trending. I feel like a proud dad or something”

“Aliens rage heavy to Wild Boy. I’m witnessing it right now. Space nuts!!!” (Machine Gun Kelly’s Twitter)

Check out Machine Gun Kelly’s concert antics below:

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