Machine Gun Kelly Rages About Jungle Fever, “Black Girls Give The Best H**d”

Machine Gun Kelly Rages About Jungle Fever, “Black Girls Give The Best H**d”

Bad Boy Records rapper Machine Gun Kelly recently exploded over his infatuation with African American women and how they stand in a class by themselves behind bedroom doors.

According to reports, MGK made some potentially offensive sexual comments at last weekend’s BET Awards.

Machine Gun Kelly is living up to his “wild boy” image off wax as well. MGK recently talked to Baller Alert at the 2012 BET Awards red carpet about his penchant for black women. “My child is black. Black girls give the best h—,” the rapper said matter-of-factly. When asked to explain, he said, “Y’all either give the best h— or you say you don’t give h—.” The rapper continued to elaborate, which caused another black correspondent within earshot to allegedly become so annoyed that she left. Fans on Twitter shared similar sentiments. “*falls* what kind of mess?” asked one while another added, “i feel sorry for his publicist.” Some took the comments with humor though with tweets like “This guy is hilarious,””Thank you white devil?!?!” and “Machine Gun Kelly is wild lol.” (Rapfix)

Last summer, Kelly talked about his woes when dealing with New York City women.

“New York women: so hot and I can’t get any of them,” MGK said in an interview. “None of them like me. Here in this office, that girl right there [gestures to an intern], she’s pretty hot and hasn’t looked at me once. Not once. No interest in me. If I go over there right now, or when she’s on break, she’s not going to talk to me. I don’t know what the f*ck it is. Honestly, I look in the mirror and I’m not the greatest looking kid. But I feel like I can pull an 8. Maybe a 7. I don’t approach a 9 in New York. I feel like 7 is do-able. But the 8s hate.” (Complex)

Fellow Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi previously talked about the cultural differences between their hometown and New York City.

“Never,” Cudi said about launching his own lines. “I’m a fan of fashion; I want to be the consumer. I know it’s cliche for artists to have their own brand and sh*t, but that’s too much stress. No colognes, no perfumes, and if I did, it’d probably be, like, eau de Egyptian musk…[In New York], people’s style is expressed more through their personality than what’s in at the time. You see all different styles in New York, and that’s what made me want to stay here. I experienced more in the first six years I was here than I did the whole time I was in Cleveland. It’s cool.” (Time Out New York)

Outside of women chasing, MGK talked to SOHH last year about signing female fans’ chests at concerts.

“You have to be a Rager, anyone can sign boobs, but you have to be a true Rager,” MGK told SOHH. “I don’t sign, actually, it’s pretty funny, I don’t sign any boobs unless I’m signing the nipple. That’s actually a rule I have. Nah, dead serious. You can ask my road manager. He tells all the girls, ‘He’s not going to sign your boobs, he’s going to sign your nipple though. We push the limits. This is the Motley Crue of hip-hop. That’s what’s going on right now. Spread the word. We card, too. We don’t sign any 15 year-old boobies. I’ll sign [a poster] but not their nipples. This is for the 18 and over year olds.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Machine Gun Kelly interview below:

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