Machine Gun Kelly Handles Flash Mob Arrest, Avoids Courtroom Standoff

Machine Gun Kelly Handles Flash Mob Arrest, Avoids Courtroom Standoff

Newly-signed Bad Boy Records artist Machine Gun Kelly has faced the music and avoided a courtroom session today after getting arrested for leading a flash mob in Cleveland.

According to reports, Kelly paid a fine for his role in the flash mob.

The rapper accused of creating a flash mob at Southpark Mall on Saturday paid his fine and resolved the matter without stepping foot inside a courtroom. Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, was scheduled to appear in Strongsville Mayor’s Court Thursday. Instead, Baker sent over the payment for his ticket on Wednesday. (19 Action News)

Earlier in the week, the Midwestern rapper reportedly said he would not appear before a judge.

“For all the media saying I’m going to court Thursday, etc. etc. Sorry, but I won’t be showing up. I have a show to be at and fans to see.” That’s what Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly posted recently on his Twitter account. And while he didn’t go before a judge, he was fined several hundred dollars for starting a flash mob at SouthPark Mall over the weekend. (News Net 5)

The rapper was arrested at his local Cleveland mall last Saturday (August 20).

Cleveland rapper “Machine Gun Kelly” was arrested Saturday after inciting a flash mob at South Park Mall, Strongsville police said. Officers responded to the mall after being tipped off about a possible flash mob taking place at 5 p.m. Although he was asked by the SPD to refrain from standing on a table, Baker did it anyway, sending his die-hard fans into a frenzy. A YouTubevideo shows the rapper jumping up on a table with a megaphone in the food court, but just as soon as he was up, police officers yanked him down. (WJW-TV)

Despite his arrest, MGK became a free man hours later.

Amid chaotic scenes, shown in video posted on YouTube, Strongsville police arrested a shirtless Baker when he refused to get off a table. He was later charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The charges, however, did not appear to faze the 21-year-old rapper, who signed with major hip-hop label Bad Boy records earlier this month. After being released Saturday night, he posted on Facebook, “If havin fun with my fans and bringin the rage back to my hometown means I have to be arrested…then keep pullin the cuffs out.” (Fox News)

Check out footage from the flash mob below:

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