Machine Gun Kelly Applauds Gunplay’s G-Unit Beatdown: “That Motherf*cker’s Got Balls”

Machine Gun Kelly Applauds Gunplay’s G-Unit Beatdown: “That Motherf*cker’s Got Balls”

Bad Boy Records’ Machine Gun Kelly has weighed in on Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay taking a loss last weekend after getting beat up by 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew.

In MGK’s perspective, Gunplay is tough for taking the hits and still managing to get back up.

“It’s hip-hop, sh–‘s gonna happen, I’m far from a saint. I’ve fought with regular people who try to sue me,” he said. “Regardless of the outcome, a celebrity is not gonna sue me. That mother—er Gunplay got balls, man,” he continued. “What do you expect for him to whoop on five huge dudes, whose job it is to whoop on mother—ers? If one of them came after me, I’ma get my a** whooped, but I still got balls.” (MTV)

Shortly after the fight, MGK revealed he felt the aftermath of what went down.

“Got mase in my eyes. That beef shit just got real outside.,” he tweeted September 29th. (Machine Gun Kelly’s Twitter)

Footage of just how badly Gunplay got attacked hit the Internet this week.

A video has surfaced showing rapper Gunplay getting his head slammed into a metal barricade outside the BET Awards Sunday night in Atlanta — and it appears 50 Cent was part of the violent mob. The clip shows 50 in the parking lot with his crew — and out of nowhere, a massive brawl breaks out … with rapper Gunplay on the receiving end of a ferocious attack. Gunplay weathered the initial onslaught and managed to fight back, even though he was largely outnumbered. It’s hard to see in the shaky footage if 50 threw a punch — or got involved at all — but someone can be heard on camera saying, “That was 50 fighting too!” Gunplay called in to TMZ Live Monday, saying 50 Cent was involved in the action … but was “hiding behind security.” (TMZ)

G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox detailed what all really happened during the melee.

“You keep attaching 50’s name to the situation because you know that’s the only way you’re gonna get press,” Knox said in an interview. “He was running from an a** whooping — he was saying I was security, he was saying I was a security guard. I don’t know where he got that. I guess he felt like I was security because I d*mn near broke my hand on him — when people are fighting, they usually pepper spray the person that’s the most aggressive or the biggest person and I was the biggest person. So, he wasn’t pepper sprayed at the time.” (Hot 107.9)

Check out the fight footage below:

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