Mac Gets Exposed W/ X-Rated Pics, Miller Unzips The Drama

Mac Gets Exposed W/ X-Rated Pics, Miller Unzips The Drama

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller is not sweating the small stuff after reportedly falling victim to leaked nude photos of himself this week. #MillerTime

Following reports of the images reaching the masses, Miller appeared to downplay the craziness.

“hey,” Miller tweeted July 1. “I’m officially on”

“the world tried to kill me this week. i’m chillin.” (Mac Miller’s Twitter)

Reports claim an ex-love interest may have been responsible for the photos emerging.

The 22-year-old rapper was exposed this week after someone leaked pictures of him spooning with himself in nothing but his socks. We’re not going to even post the photographs on here because once you see them, you can’t un-see them. Still, if you’re that thirsty, Google is always there to help you satiate that thirst. According to reports, the images were leaked by a former lover who was upset the rapper wasn’t claiming her publicly. (Hip Hollywood)

Earlier this year, details about Miller drawing major label interest surfaced online

Indie hip-hop artist Mac Miller is said to be shopping for a deal with a major and encountering some interest. The former Rostrum artist, newly repped by managers Ron Laffitte (Pharrell, OneRepublic) and Rich Egan, scored #1 and #3 debuts, respectively for his albums Blue Slide Park (2011) and Watching Movies With the Sound Off (2013); he’s moved 760k+ albums overall and nearly 5.5 million singles. Miller also guested on Ariana Grande‘s smash “The Way,” which sold 2 million. He’s been collaborating intermittently with Pharrell on an EP, Pink Slime, that’s been the source of much online chatter. (HITS Daily Double)

Miller’s former Rostrum Records labelmate Vali spoke to SOHH about his exit a few months ago.

“We still text. He dyed his hair pink. [laughs] So we’ve been texting about that,” Vali told SOHH referring to Miller’s recent hairdo change. “We’re still family. I respect him and everything that he’s doing with his movement and his project. He’s been signed to Rostrum for a while and they really helped him get his projects off the ground. His contract was up and I think he just wants to explore his life and do other things. I know he travels a lot now. He was in Australia the other day. I just think he wants to be more global with his brand. And sometimes you have to leave home and you can’t stay home forever.” (SOHH)


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