Lupe Surprises At “Fiasco Friday” Atlantic Records Rally [Video]

Lupe Surprises At “Fiasco Friday” Atlantic Records Rally [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco displayed his appreciation for fans who gathered around his label Atlantic Records Manhattan building today in honor of Fiasco Friday.

The crowd were originally scheduled to gather up to rally against Atlantic for not releasing Lupe’s long-awaited and delayed Lasers album.

Approximately 200 die-hard Lupe Fiasco fans assembled outside of Atlantic Records’ Midtown Manhattan offices today to protest the long-delayed release of the Chicago rapper’s album Lasers. (This despite the fact that the label announced earlier this month that the album will be coming out on March 8, 2011.) In response, Warner Music Group CEO Lyor Cohen came out with Lupe, carrying a boombox blasting music from the planned disc. Rolling Stone spoke to Cohen afterward. “It was a great group of passionate fans taking to the streets to celebrate Lupe and the new album,” he said. “No surprise — they totally reflected his kind of constructive thoughtfulness. When we saw the fans and heard them clamoring for the music, I just had to grab a boom box and go out to the streets to give them a taste.” Watch above as Lupe discusses the disc, and Cohen engages with fans. (Rolling Stone)

Surprising fans with his appearance, Lupe thanked supporters for having his back.

“So, y’all actually did it, huh?” he said to the audience. “The first thing I want to say is: Congratulations. The second thing I want to say is: Thank you very much for putting on a very peaceful protest. The third thing I want to say is: Lasers is dropping March 8th!” Each remark from the MC drew a loud reaction. The event was initially organized by two New Jersey natives, Matt Morrelli, 19, and Matt La Corte, 17, as a way to help Lupe Fiasco score a release date for his long-delayed third album. The rapper had been at odds with his label over creative differences, among other issues. (MTV)

Atlantic announced a release date for Lasers last week.

In his lone tweet yesterday, Lupe simply stated “Victory!” to go along with a picture of him (sporting a thumps up), and unidentified woman, and an Atlantic Records sign. Atlantic Records later tweeted that Lasers will be released on March 8, 2011. (The Source)

A day prior, Fiasco posted a Twitter message and photo reading “Victory.”

A week before a protest was set to take place outside of Atlantic Records in New York City, Lupe Fiasco and his label appear to be on the mend. The Chicago native tweeted a picture of him and Atlantic executive Julie Greenwald together in front of a giant Atlantic poster, with Lupe giving the thumbs up and wearing a giant grin on his face. (Rap-Up)

Check out some footage of Fiasco Friday below:

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