Lupe Fiasco Targets Jay Z, Drake, Kanye West, Rick Ross & More W/ “Peace of Paper/Cup Of Jayzus” [Audio]

Lupe Fiasco Targets Jay Z, Drake, Kanye West, Rick Ross & More W/ “Peace of Paper/Cup Of Jayzus” [Audio]

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco continues to shower the Internet with new music by releasing his new, hard-hitting “Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus” anthem.

Nearly seven minutes in length, Fiasco’s new track bubbled online Wednesday (September 11) evening.

If your lucky enough to follow Lupe Fiasco on twitter (he locked his account), there’s a good chance you’ve noticed him posting lyrics and hinting at new content titled ‘Peace Of Paper Cup Of Jayzus’. Well today (September 11th) the Chicago native decides to finally give fans a listen to what he’s been working on and turns out it’s a 7 minute track of him going in over a remake of Jay-Z’s ‘Holy Grail’ beat. “Critics say I fell off, I acknowledge a slip” spits the 1-Grammy winner. It takes more then a few spins to catch every reference and line Lupe makes on a track and this one’s no different, especially considering the track is 7 minutes long with no hook. (Direct Lyrics)

He does not shy away from referencing Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake and a slew of other emcees in his bars.

“A couple beats from Jay, a couple beats from Ye /& make Food for thought, that’s a restaurant in a day! /It would behoove thee /The critics say that I fell off I acknowledge I slipped /But what do you call falling from space into a bottomless pit? /And not pit like Lui Kang can knock Baraka off with a hit /Knock it off for a bit /What would be really funny if I blew up after Drizzy /And started from the bottomless back to the topless like a watcher of Strips /Peace of Paper, Cup of JAYZUS, /Peace of Paper, Cup of JAYZUS, bout it, bout it /Don’t let ya inner fears result in a outer coward /From baby showers to 80 flowers upon my coffin roof /The upper class glass is not filled up with the coughing proof /Be more P and step ya Yessirs Up /P-O-P! Jayzus a cup of Courage, I can’t can’t /Thats double negative it’s 2 earls /They really nice but they’ll never touch the cup its like I gave it two girls /This my odd future out in front Supreme shop /Fly as Rick Ross at a Wing Stop” (“Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus”)

Fiasco also spends a few bars to focus on the much-debated best rapper of all time topic.

“At the birthday party the greatest rapper surprised!!! /Bumped into Doom the greatest rappers collide /Everybody dead but AZ the greatest rapper survived /I’m not the greatest rapper… the greatest rappers’ a lie, /Got the same points as Lux the greatest rappers a tie /Told Jean, Foxy, & Rah the greatest rappers’ a girl /They said the greatest rappers’ a guy /Phone rang it was Ghost he said “Kiss the greatest rapper… Goodbye!” /Chris said Common, Common said Kweli, Talib said I’m sure it’s Mos Definitely!!” (“Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus”)

Earlier this summer, Lupe made an announcement about dropping his new tune on 9/11.

Lupe Fiasco took to twitter on Sunday, August 4, to announce a new somewhat JAY Z-inspired project, Peace Of Paper/Cup of Jayzus. After canceling a 2013 release for Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 2 back in January, Lupe introduced fans to a newer project he plans to release, titled Tetsuo & Youth. While details on Tetsuo & Youth have been mum, Lupe has already thrown another project into the universe and plans to release Peace Of Paper/Cup Of Jayzus on September 11. (Soul Culture UK)

Check out Lupe Fiasco’s new song:

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