Lupe Fiasco Returns, Reveals Why He Went Ghost

Lupe Fiasco Returns, Reveals Why He Went Ghost

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has updated fans about his Twitter presence after a brief hiatus from the social networking site and why he let his management team control it.

According to Lupe, he needed a break from Twitter to knock out music-related obligations and avoid dealing with teenage fanatics.

“Lupe here…Dear God! I didn’t get kicked off twitter for talking about Karl Marx! Jesus F*cking Christ…who said that???,” Fiasco tweeted May 15th.

“I left it to mgmt so I can record etc without arguing with 15 year olds about if show goes on was on my first album or not…”

“Ill be back on Sundays for #PhilosophySunday to pop sh*t and block n*ggas…thru the week though it’s all fans and music…”

“Thanx again…lupe out…if you Karl Marx overly utopian closet capitalist ass was controversial wait till next Sunday… #DisAintWatUWant”

“Some of y’all journalist need to research a little better before your dive off the deep end wit ya bullsh*t” (Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter)

A few days ago, Fiasco’s management team took over his Twitter account.

“Hey guys #LF Mgmt here. Gotta love his lively way with twitter but sadly he’s gonna be taking a break to focus on other things.,” a tweet posted May 12th read. (Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter)

Back in December, Lupe also fell back from the popular networking site.

“The #LF Twitter is now closed. Will return in 2013. Follow @Sndclsh,@TheLupENDBlog + @djbusy for daily updates. DM is still open.,” he tweeted December 20th.

“The #LF twitter is currently deleting all past tweets. pls disregard any retweets etc. This account is currently closed will return in 2013.”

“Relax Lupe Fans. #LF Twitter is just being rebuilt. Will re-debut in 2013. LF says Hi. …” (Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter)

He previously discussed plans to step away from the music industry’s commercial side.

“Contractually, I still have to do another record if the label picks it up,” Fiasco said in an interview. “But even after this part one and part two [of Food & Liquor 2] I’m basically kind of done, because that album is even almost finished. I won’t make music for commercial purposes after that. It’ll more just be kind of artistic and developing my other music projects — I don’t even know if Lupe Fiasco is gonna exist after Skulls, I might even just do a name change or something like that — if I feel like making a rap album, then I’ll make it.” (Music Feeds TV)

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