Lupe Fiasco Pens Emotional Tribute For Slain 6-Month-Old Baby [Audio]

Lupe Fiasco Pens Emotional Tribute For Slain 6-Month-Old Baby [Audio]

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco is letting the world know exactly how he feels over the brutal slaying of six-month-old baby Jonylah Watkins this week in Chicago at the hands of gun violence.

Fiasco hopped onto Twitter and released the new “Jonylah Forever” tribute record to his 1.3 million followers Friday (March 15).

Earlier in the week on Monday, a six month old infant girl named Jonylah Watkins died after being shot 5 times in Southside Chicago while her Father was changing her diaper. Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter today to release a new track titled ‘Jonylah Forever’ as a dedication and tribute to that six month old girl. Powerful and emotional song from Lupe, who is a Chicago native himself. Lupe also left us with a short message: “Not a song but a life. Be respectful. Please keep negative comments to yourself. #lovelifechitownforever,”. Produced by Soundtrakk. Take a listen to ‘Jonylah Forever’ below. Rest in Peace. (Direct Lyrics)

Earlier in the week, Lupe, amongst numerous other entertainers, lashed out over the horrific slaying.

Rapper and Chicago native Lupe Fiasco tweeted three times about the shooting. “This is why I rant! This is why I speak out! This is why I sound preachy in my songs! I have no choice! #ChiViolenceMustEnd #1stOfApril,” Fiasco tweeted Tuesday. Fiasco used #1stofApril to drive attention to a Chicago youth-led anti-violence action that’s set to launch next month. (DNA Info)

According to reports this week, Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has offered to pay for Watkins’ funeral.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, the family’s spokesman Reverend Corey Brooks said injured Bulls star Derrick Rose has offered to pay for Jonylah’s funeral. “These persons who committed this horrible crime, we guarantee you they will be brought to justice,” Brooks explained Tuesday. Approximately 200 people, including Jonylah’s mother Judy Watkins, gathered at a vigil held later that night at the site of the fatal shooting. “When I find him, he’s going to jail,” Watkins told The 20-year-old mother was shot in the leg last spring while pregnant with Jonylah. (Uptown Magazine)

Despite hours of emergency operations, Jonylah could not survive the injuries.

A team of doctors at Comer Children’s Hospital struggled for 12 hours to try to save the life of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins, but the damage was overwhelming. Jonylah was shot several times as her father changed her diaper inside a vehicle in the 6500-block of South Maryland. “This sweet baby had almost every organ system touched. Her lung was touched. Her liver was touched. Her diaphragm was destroyed,” Dr. Rachel Wolfson said. For 12 hours, doctors treated the baby in both the operating room and the intensive care unit. They say she was bleeding profusely and needed her blood volume replaced at least five times. (ABC Local)

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Check out Lupe Fiasco’s “Jonylah Forever” tribute:

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