Lupe Fiasco & Kanye West’s Delayed CRS Movement Explained

Lupe Fiasco & Kanye West’s Delayed CRS Movement Explained

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has pointed the finger at Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s upcoming Watch the Throne joint album as the reason behind his delayed Child Rebel Soldier super group, consisting of himself, West and Pharrell Williams, LP.

While not directly blaming Jay and West, Fiasco offered up his explanation for fans eager to hear the three emcees on wax together.

“I think the Jay-Z/Kanye collabo [Watch the Throne] kinda was like, ‘Aww man, aww no,'” Lupe said in an interview. “Whenever we get to go in [the studio] and have the time and the opportunity to do it, we’re always working on some other project. Pharrell gon’ do a soundtrack for a movie, Kanye does another project. It’s becoming less of an album and more of everytime we do a song together–me, ‘Ye, and Pharrell, a CRS thing.” (Hot 93.7)

Circa 2007, West, Fiasco and Pharrell were planning to form a hip-hop super crew entitled “Child Rebel Soldier.”

Having already released one song via an online mixtape, CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers), the hip-hop supergroup featuring Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, is hoping to find time to craft an entire album. “Us Placers,” which samples Thom Yorke‘s “The Eraser,” was performed by Fiasco earlier this month during his set at Lollapalooza in Chicago. “Now [our labels are] working it out,” the artist tells Whoever is going to pay is going to pay a whole h*ll of a lot. Everybody is excited, [but] ‘Us Placers’ is the only record we have.” (Billboard)

Last year, when West’s G.O.O.D. Friday track “Don’t Stop” hit the Internet, Fiasco revealed that the track was created as a member of Child Rebel Soldier.

“We went on the Glow in the Dark tour and it was just kinda like, maybe, maybe not, let’s do a record, let’s see … so, ‘Don’t Stop’ is kinda one of the records from that creative process a couple years ago,” Lupe said, adding that West’s bars may have been updated. “The song is two years old. I think ‘Ye verse might be a little recent but I don’t know…That song is like a song that we did in the midst of being [Child Rebel Soldier] when we were actually going to put out an album and just really wanted to test records and see if we should do more records like that, or should we do more records like ‘Us Placers’ or … more down-low records, up-top records. We were just trying to figure out what should we do and that was one of the experiments that was bananas.” (MTV)

Yesterday, Jay-Z and Kanye West released their new Watch the Throne single, “H.A.M.”

The ultimate collaboration of current rap royalty is here, as Kanye West and Jay-Z have unveiled their first single from Watch the Throne, which they’re dubbing “H.A.M.” What might “H.A.M.” stand for? No, it’s not a porky cut of meat you likely ate at Aunt Lucy’s house over the holidays. When Kanye and Jay-Z are involved, the acronym means “hard as a mother——-.” The tune is complete with Roman-style chants, piano solos and all sorts of Kanye-fueled theatrics and grandeur that made his last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, one of the best-reviewed albums of the year. (Celebuzz)

A Watch the Throne release date has not yet been announced.

Check out some recent Lupe Fiasco footage down below:

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