Lupe Fiasco Honored At First-Ever USA Network’s “Character Approved” Awards

Lupe Fiasco Honored At First-Ever USA Network’s “Character Approved” Awards

Lupe Fiasco has been awarded a “Character Approved” Award for “positively influencing American culture.”

The Chicago, Illinois-bred emcee and others were honored for their creativity and influence.

Winners included Lupe Fiasco, Shepard Fairey, David Chang, Patrick Robinson, Charles Best, Jimmy Wales and Jennifer Siegal. The new program awards individuals from a cross-section of creative disciplines who are positively influencing American culture. USA Network selected seven visionary characters based on their cultural impact, legacy and personas. While each honoree is at a different stage in his or her career, they are all cultural trailblazers who are influencing our opinions, style and view of the world. (Press Release)

Each winner was distinctively chosen by network officials.

“The 2009 Character Approved honorees represent the type of characters we not only admire and wish we could imitate, but also want to know,” said Chris McCumber, executive vice president, marketing, digital and brand strategy. “Each of the recipients is a pioneer in his or her own field, lauded by their peers and in our opinion worthy of the Character Seal of Approval. We are honored to celebrate them in this way.” (Earth Times)

An inside look at each person’s life will be broadcast via USA Network.

The honorees will be featured in long-form vignettes directed by Henry Alex Rubin (Murderball), which will debut Tuesday, January 27 in primetime on USA Network. The vignettes provide an inside look at the lives, the work and influences of these characters, and will be featured over the next several months across the network’s programming and online as extended length videos at Additionally each honoree will be granted the “Character” award, a tabletop steel figurine that was handcrafted by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. (Market Watch)

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