Lupe Fiasco Calls Lil B’s Gay LP “One Of The Best Rap Albums I Heard”

Lupe Fiasco Calls Lil B’s Gay LP “One Of The Best Rap Albums I Heard”

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has decided to become a real hip-hop fanatic by reviewing Lil B‘s new solo album, I’m Gay (I’m Happy).

Writing on his blog, Fiasco admitted he is slightly bias toward artists from the Bay but admitted Lil B’s fearless approach to the LP’s title impressed him.

“First let me make something abundantly clear, the title “I’m Gay (I’m Happy)” I think is absolute genius. Those two words together side by side in almost any format in the society we live in can be a cultural and social death sentence. And in many places in the world (even here in the good ole’ US of A) they can mean an ACTUAL death sentence. I’m talking a shanked in the shower, beat with a bat, beheaded on Friday kinda death. The best and rarest of braveries is bravery in the face of death. Let’s be honest Lil B’s album probably won’t even be commercially released in certain countries because of the title alone. I just wish he did a song called “James Baldwin” and I would’ve loved to see you twitter-lectuals and goon rules street professors argue against one of the foremost, prominent black intellectual radicals the world has ever known who just so happened to be an overt homosexual but repped the ghettos of Harlem harder than Nicky Barnes and Rich Porter combined and took the struggles and achievements of the black and impoverished experience and intellectually and dazzlingly rubbed it all in the pasty face of the oppressive power structures of the time and this time as well! I wish a n*gga would!!!” (Lupe Fiasco’s Blog)

Prior to going into a song-by-song breakdown, Fiasco explained his guidelines for the review.

“I won’t carry on much longer but I did want to get to the content. Now normally reviewers delve deeply or comparatively lightly when talking about an album. They mention favorite songs or less than favorites for that matter, maybe even breaking them down and bringing finer points of production or lyrical execution to light. Well I’m not going to mess about with any of that. At the end of the day it’s all opinion and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you like it you like it if you don’t you don’t. The reason I give this album entrance into my “Liberation Rock” library hangs on the power and impact of just one single, solitary line uttered by Lil B in the midst of the entire work that is “I’m Gay.” (Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter)

Fiasco also hopped on his Twitter page to give props to the LP.

“I actually think callin his album “I’m Gay” is GENIUS & Revolutionary, the cover is Genius, some brave sh*t…AND he spittin REAL sh*t,” Fiasco tweeted June 30th.

“Controversial, independent, fearless with a massive movement built off a crazy work ethic…sounds like #Winning to me. Why hate on that???”

“You new jacks should really be trying to learn from the Lil homey…I’m impressed with the hustle so salute to @LILBTHEBASEDGOD” (Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter)

Lil B’s album unexpectedly dropped Thursday morning.

A few weeks ago, the controversially titled I’m Gay LP that Lil B promised the crowd at this year’s Coachella got cover art– as well as an amended (I’m Happy) added to the album title. Now, the whole album has been released via iTunes now. Above, listen to the album’s opening track, “Trapped in Prison”; below, check out the tracklist. I’m Gay (I’m Happy): 01 Trapped in Prison 02 Open Thunder Eternal Slumber 03 Game 04 Unchain Me 05 Neva Stop Me 06 Gon Be Okay 07 The Wilderness 08 I Hate Myself 09 Get It While Its Good 10 I Seen That Light 11 My Last Chance 12 1 Time Remix (Pitchfork)

Check out Lil B’s “I’m Trapped” down below:

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