Lupe Fiasco Blames “Lasers” Delay On Atlantic Records, “It’s Out Of My Hands”

Lupe Fiasco Blames “Lasers” Delay On Atlantic Records, “It’s Out Of My Hands”

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has pointed the finger at Atlantic Records for delaying his long-awaited third album, Lasers.

Writing via Twitter, Lupe told fans the album is awaiting a release from his label.

“Lasers is out of my hands guys and gals…it’s done and that’s all I can tell you…when they drop it…they drop it…so drop it…,” he wrote Monday (July 12) evening.

“Really appreciate the EXTRA EXTRA effort you guys are putting out to get Lasers released…not fallin on deaf ears up at HQ!” (Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter)

In February, Lupe addressed his “What You Want” record leaking online.

“The “What You Want” track that has leaked out is an unfinished version,” he wrote yesterday (February 10). “Patience is a virtue. At least let us finish the songs. At Rehearsals for the “Steppin’ Laser Tour” kicking off in Australia next week…Playing “Lasers” for first time in its entirety for the band.” (Lupe Fiasco’s Blog)

Speaking on DJ Green Lantern‘s radio show last January, Lupe said he hoped his project would come out before the summer.

“I’m actually going in to turn [Lasers] into the label in the morning,” Lupe told a caller. “I was actually supposed to turn it in tonight. I’m just keeping it crispy with the fans…I’m turning it into the label tomorrow, they gonna go through they process, see what they need to do and pick whatever single they want to do and I’m hoping before the summer, you know. That’s just what it is. Stay tuned, stay tuned.” (Team Invasion)

Last November, Lupe said he had four more albums left on his Atlantic Records contract.

“The last six months, it’s been like, ‘I gotta really, really go out there and show that I’m nicer than all of them,’ ” Lupe explained in an interview. “It’s like, ‘All right, so be it. If it takes three more albums to do it, then so be it.’ That’s what I got left with Atlantic. Three more after Lasers. I’m already done with two. The mixtape is coming Thanksgiving. It’ll be another mixtape after that and an album after that. It’s really to get that status and lock it in and [and have people] be like, ‘Look at this positive dude, the underdog. The positive one who came and murdered all these dudes. And he’s there, and he’s good.’ I’m finnin’ to house every single mode and arena I can get into. If y’all had somewhere where it’s live performances, I’m finnin to have the best live performances. If it’s mixtapes, I’m finnin’ to have the best mixtapes. If it’s albums again, it’s gonna be the best verse. If it’s the best dressed, I’m going hard as well.” (MTV)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out Lupe Fiasco talking about Lasers below:

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