Ludacris Urges Safe Sex Awareness, Launches Trojan Magnum Condoms Campaign

Ludacris Urges Safe Sex Awareness, Launches Trojan Magnum Condoms Campaign

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has teamed with Trojan Magnum condoms to help launch a safe sex campaign.

The rapper will play judge to contestants sending safe sex rhymes for a contest.

Contestants can visit to download a base track to which they can record their own Magnum-inspired lyrics. Visitors will vote for their favorite and a panel of judges, including Ludacris, will narrow judge the top ten based on creativity, melody, music, lyrics and entertainment value. The winner will get $5,000, as well as having their creation played on national radio and winning a trip to a hip-hop festival in Atlanta on June 19. The winner will also be brought on-stage during one of Ludacris’ shows. (Billboard)

Last year, Drake was seen in an advertisement for Stay Strapped Condoms informing fans of the importance of using protection during sex.

“Yo what’s going on man,” he said in the advertisement. “This is your boy Drake and I’m out in the H-Town. You already know. Get informed, not infected. Use strapped condoms and save lives. I approve this message. Yeah.” (YouTube)

Rappers have previously urged the importance of condom usage including 50 Cent who said he planned to launch his own line of protection.

“The kids become immune when you constantly beat them over the head — read a book, read a book,” he said in a 2007 interview. “We have to be a little more creative about it. It’s the same with safe sex. As opposed to being part of a safe-sex campaign, I’m going to make condoms and donate a part of the proceeds to HIV awareness.” (ABC News)

Artists like Alicia Keys and Nas have also participated in past BET Rap-It-Up campaigns to help spread awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Rap-It-Up is about taking a stand in your life and community to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. Rap-It-Up is about protecting yourself and those you care about, being informed, getting tested for HIV annually, talking openly with your partner, friends and family and taking action in your community. (Rap-It-Up)

Check out Drake’s Stay Strapped Condoms commercial down below:

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