Ludacris Speaks On Role In “RockNRolla”


Ludacris’ last movie, Max Payne, pulled in $18 million during its first weekend at the box office.  Now, just two short weeks later, the rapper/actor will try his luck again with a new film titled RocknRolla, which hits theaters today.

“The new movie is called RocknRolla.  Guy Richie wrote and directed it.  It’s got Thandie Newton, Idris Alba, Jeremy Piven, Gerard Butler, Toby Kebbell [and] Tom Wilkinson, an all-star cast on it,” Luda explained.

In the film, various members of London’s criminal underworld are after a fortune, which was generated by a real estate scam cooked up by a corrupt Russian billionaire and an old school mob boss. 

Luda and “Entourage” actor, Jeremy Piven play the managers of the mobster’s step-son, a drug-addicted punk musician with a history of faking his own death.

“Me and Jermey Piven play managers of a rock and roll artist that the whole movie is named after so we’re the only two Americans actually in the movie everybody else has that whole London accent.”

Though the film was shot in London, Ludacris told SOHH that he never attempted an East End accent.  “I didn’t try the London accent.  I was cool with that.  Until I have do a movie where I have to practice that I’m cool on keeping my American accent.”

The film comes on the tenth anniversary of Guy Richie’s breakthrough hit, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.  According to Luda, RocknRolla will certainly remind viewers of the 1998 British heist film.

“It’s definitely reminiscent of Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” he said. “So make sure you go check that out.  Interesting movie.  Gangsta, gangsta film.”

RocknRolla hits theaters worldwide today and Ludacris’ sixth studio album, Theater of The Mind is scheduled for release November 25th.

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