Ludacris’ “RocknRolla” Fails To Rock Box Office


Guy Ritchie‘s highly-anticipated action thriller RocknRolla failed to generate blockbuster sales over the weekend debuting at No. 11.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the British gangster flick officially debuted nationwide with $1.8 million in box office sales, bringing it’s grand total to $2.4 million. The film was only being screened at 826 theaters.

RocknRolla focuses on a real-estate scam set to offer millions of dollars to interested criminals throughout London. However, the story offers a twist when a drugged out rock star miraculously reappears from the dead and looks to get his hands on the score. 
Sharing a large slot of movie time with “Entourage” actor Jeremy Piven, Luda recently gave SOHH the inside scoop  on what his role was in the project.
“Me and Jeremy Piven play managers of a rock and roll artist that the whole movie is named after so we’re the only two Americans actually in the movie, everybody else has that whole London accent,” he told SOHH. “It’s definitely reminiscent of Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. So make sure you go check that out. Interesting movie. Gangsta, gansta film.” 
The star-studded cast also includes Thandie Newton, Idris Elba, Gerard Butler and Toby Kebbell, . 

Luda’s other movie, the video game based, action flick Max Payne, managed to debut at No. 1 during its opening weekend two weeks ago, banking $18 million. Over the weekend it landed at the no. 8 spot, pulling in $3.7 million. The hugely popular teen franchise, High School Musical 3, won the top slot raking in $61.75 million in ticket sales. 

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